Surprise Needles and Nerve Shocks

My Social Service Worker Susan took me to my Neurologist appointment yesterday.  I had no idea what was going to happen, and was just figuring a consult since I wasn’t told any differently… boy was I wrong!

Zeus cuddling on the new blanket I knit him

I had electrodes attached from my feet to my thighs, and from my hands to my upper arms, and was given shocks starting from a low shock to a higher one, to see if my nerves were damaged at all.  It was painful!  I hate shocks.  To me it’s like nails on a chalkboard so it wasn’t easy, but I’ve had worse.

Then the Neurologist stuck me with needles with mini electrodes  on the ends all up and down my legs and feet to check the nerves that way.  That was easy to handle.  Not that painful.

The resident, got literally a safety pin and poked me on each side of my body continually from my toes to me forehead asking me which side hurt more.  That was very annoying lol and definitely not comfortable!

The Neuro is going through all my case files with all of my other diseases, and meeting with all of the specialists for them to figure out a plan, based on the nerve conductivity test, the blood work he took (supine, then standing 10 minutes!) and another 24/hr urine test and a 24/hr blood pressure test.

It’s really cool to see a doctor so on the ball about this and wanting to work with my other doctors to see how my other health problems may be related.  Should be interesting to see how it turns out 🙂

I go back in 3 months time to discuss the next step once all my results are in!  He will also be telling me if I for sure have Mitral Valve Prolapse or not.

My Gram’s sister died the day before yesterday 😦 tomorrow is the funeral, and also a memorial for my Gramps.  Should be an interesting day!



4 thoughts on “Surprise Needles and Nerve Shocks

  1. Goodness. make sure all your docs know what the others are doing. get thefax numbers of all of them and leave a list for them to fax info to and fro.. or do it yourself, terrifying that they are NOT working together already.. have fun at the dentist! c


  2. Hi Ash, Found your blog from a comment you made (sorry, kinda lost track of where all I’ve been tonight) but, after reading the wikipedia definition for pots, I’m wondering if they’ve checked you for Lime Disease? It can cause tons of bizarre side-effects, mimic many different diseases and can be really hard to diagnose. A little while ago I heard (on CBC Radio One) about a doctor from Eastern Ontario/Kingston area who had a devil of a time getting a diagnosis for her Lime Disease.
    One thing that you could do for yourself right away though? Check out the book “Wheat Belly” – you may be amazed what that one change might make. Here’s a link to a blogging friend (also from Eastern Ontario) who has just started on the wheat free journey.
    Good luck, no matter what you decide! (But after all; like you said in a previous posting… “What can it hurt?”; )


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