For the Love of Gravol

Zeus enjoying his British Home Sense bag from Amanda

These last couple weeks have been odd.  I went and got Gravol so I could have it on hand for when my nausea gets really bad, and that very night I was so sick I took it… and it didn’t even barely cut it.  Then I continued to take it for 2 more days afterward constantly feeling like at any moment I was going to upchuck!  I figure it was Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, since I was still able to eat, but I was mad dizzy!  Thankfully the last two days have been much much much better!

Amanda; my sis, and I, went and saw the movie, Woman In Black.  It wasn’t a bad movie at all, but I think I was expecting more than I got from it.  Definitely a neat movie idea, and some jumpy spots!

I’ve started taking Omega 3 vitamin, since it’s supposed to be helpful against inflammation and Arthritis pain.  Figure it can’t hurt right?

Dad and Amanda came over the other day and he brought me Valentine’s Day roses 🙂  He has done this every year for me and Amanda since I was in my first year away for college.  I look forward to it 🙂  He also brought us both a necklace and bracelet (which I lost when we went to the movies BOO).  Very sweet of him!

Last Monday, I was to go to the Devil… OOPS I mean dentist hehe to get my gum therapy going, but when I mentioned Mitral Valve Prolapse, they refused to touch my teeth until they got a hold of my Cardiologist and asked him if I needed to take an antibiotic before hand to stray off any possible infection.  I heard Friday thankfully that everything is a go, and I go tomorrow morning to ACTUALLY start the treatment lol.  Should be fun…. eek.

Wishing you all a great week! *big hugs*