Wordless Wed.

Jan29 001


Going to Columbia

Jan26 004As many of my friends and family have seen on facebook, my post about going to Columbia for two months.  I’m not actually going.  It’s one of those weird facebook e-mail chains between women to raise awareness about breast cancer.  Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, if no one is supposed to know what it means… how is that raising any awareness?  E-mail as follows :

Ok pretty ladies, it is that time of year again…support of breast cancer awareness!So we all remember last year’s game of writing your bra colour as your status? Or the way we like to have our handbag handy? Last year, so many people took part that it made national news… and the constant updating of status reminded everyone why we’re doing this and helped raise awareness!Do NOT tell any males what the statuses mean…keep them guessing!! And please copy and paste (in a message) this to all your female friends.The idea is to choose the month you were born and the day you were born.Pass this on to the GIRLS ONLY and let’s see how far it reaches around. The last one about the bra went around all over the world. Your status should say “I am going to Mexico for 21 months.”The day you were born should be how many months you are gone. January – mexico February – london march – miamiapril – Dominican republic may – france june – St petersburg july – austria august – germany september – New york october – Amsterdam November – Las Vegas December – ColumbiaDo it don’t be a spoil sport and show your awareness for Breast Cancer

Get it?  Got it? Good!  Lets move on…

Jan26 005Speaking of cancer, my long locks are driving me nuts, and I can’t wait to get them chopped off at the hair dressers.  My counselor and I were discussing how in the Spring when it’s awareness time, there has to be some place I can go to donate my hair.  She gave me the number of her hair dressers to see if she knows of what’s going on for that.

Yesterday, mom, Grams, Nick and I, went to Kelly & Glen’s (old next door neighbors of ours) who recently moved into a kick ass new house.  We went for their house warming / birthday party for Kelly.  It was great to see them and the kids, minus the middle one who was at a sleep over, and get to see the new place!  Also to get lots of cuddles from Tayla their pooch whom is my love 🙂  A lot of great, yummy food, and good conversation!  So glad I went!

Jan26 002Friday, I went with Susan, my counselor, to my family doctors.  I found out I have a mild seasonal case of eczema.  Thankfully nothing like what some people I know go through, just dry skin that doesn’t want to go away easily with regular moisturizer.  I also got some medicines refilled and switched up, and got a referral to the GI here in the city, since mine are over 2 hours away by car!  Such a pain!  Speaking of pain, she gave me Tylenol 3‘s to help with the weird pain I’ve been getting, until I get my tests done and over with, and get the results back.  Kingston called about the tests too, which I won’t be getting until the middle of March.  So this will be a big help since the pain is coming more and more often.

Funny though, I have been given morphine in the hospital and been walking and having conversations fine, but when I take T3’s, I can barely get my legs to work to get a glass of water!  Hits me so much harder!  Better than going to the ER though!

Next week, I don’t think a whole lot is going on.  Amanda, Kerri and I are “supposed” to be going to see the movie Mama in theaters which looks kick ass.  And besides that, not a whole hell of a lot!

Hope you’re all doing well!


Sunday Snuggles

Jan20 005

Jenna, my friend Nicole’s gorgeous dog, as Ms. Sept. in Paulmac’s calendar she sent me 🙂

Had a long week.  Went with my mom and Grams to Kingston to the GI clinic.  Normally when you go in, you can wait three or more hours before you get in the room, but this time, I got in right away and only waited about 45 min.s in the room.

I had Dr. Beyak.  He doesn’t believe the pain is from Crohn’s Disease, but possibly Pancreatitis from my crohn’s med.s, or possibly gallstones.  He’s getting blood work, a cat scan, and a stomach ultrasound done on me to see.  He gave me a medicine for my stomach again, but he gave me a wrong prescription that isn’t covered by OHIP, so I am calling tomorrow to ask for another one.

Jan20 001Saturday morning I was woken up from the pain that last around 4 hours.  I was ready to go to the ER, and was just waiting for my family to wake up to take me, when it finally calmed down enough for me to sleep.  I spent Saturday at my mom’s laying down a lot.  Nick came over and was a huge cuddle bug the entire time.  He hates when anyone gets sick.

Jan20 012I finished a cowl I was making to match the toque I knitted, and started a painting of Barney, the dog we grew up with.  He was a German Shepard, Collie and Lab mix.  AMAZING dog 🙂

This week, it will be getting my new med.s, and going to my family doctor on Friday.  Other than that, I think I’ll be resting lots.

Take Care.


Michael’s Fun

Jan15 004Not an overly eventful week, but still, it has been lots of fun!  I went with my Grams on Sunday to Michael’s, and got a bunch of craft stuff.  I got an Origami kit for Nick, Amanda and I to do on Thursday when they come for dinner, I got three new paint brushes, so wool for a baby blanket, and a rug hooking kit.

I’ve also been working and finished my first toque.  Was NOT easy to size!  I went with the exact needle size, etc. but the first one would only fit a sumo wrestlers head!  Or butt perhaps…

Then my buddy Nicole and I talked on the phone, for she figured out, four hours!!!  It was a much needed call, and we always laugh a lot, so it made me feel a lot better 🙂

Today, I went to my mom’s and got to spend the afternoon with her 🙂  I brought up a cowl I was knitting to match the toque, and a bunch of books and magazines to read.

Jan15 011Nicole popped by (BOO I missed her!) and left a little gift box of a bunch of tv shows to watch, a calendar which her gorgeous dog Jenna is in (Ms. September woot woot!) and a catnip pillow for Zeus… who is as we speak making some of the weirdest noises that have ever come out of him playing with it lol.  Thank you SO much!!!

Jan15 003I also did my first painting in a LONG time!  I’m talking around twelve years at least!  I need to do it more, bc it’s so fun 🙂

This Friday I go to the GI specialist, with my counselor Susan, and Thursday, I meet her new student Alissa.

Hope you’re doing well!  And a special good luck to Ellie who starts school soon!!!! *hugs*