December 23, 2012 – Merry Christmas Eve… Eve

Just wanted to write a quick post before all the Christmas craziness starts! Hope you all have a wonderful time with family! I cannot wait to see my dad, and my nieces and Travis 🙂 I love them soooooo much, but rarely get to see them! I’m excited to spend time with them! Today is basically my last minute day to get everything done, since I won’t be able to tomorrow, so I am getting my homemade chocolate chip cookies done to put in the little Christmas bags to attach to the presents. Yesterday I went up to my mom’s and hung out there for the afternoon with my nephew Nick. And I was able to get my small and large book shelf on really cheap and got them put together and already the big one is almost full! I would say I have too many books, but that just isn’t possible! Friday because of the weather, I had to cancel my Crohn’s appointment. If I was still like I was last week when it started, I would be worried, but since I seem to be pretty much back to my normal sick self, it’s okay. I don’t get to go back in until the 18th, but that will be okay. I’ve been getting all the catnip bunny toys I made stuffed this week. They’ve been sitting under the tree in their cute mini Christmas bags for a while, but I knew not to stuff them until the last minute. So Zeus and I have been having catnip parties one after the other! We just had our last one for a while this morning, so I could bring the cat called Blue, who lives upstairs, her catnip bunny. Now Nicole, is the last one to get hers, for her three cats 🙂 Ending the catnip parties after they’re sent… for now lol. My mom’s cat Addy was rolling around loving hers, and attacking her sister August whenever she tried to play with the other one. Then my mom’s dog, Niles, would run in and steal both bunnies and hide them with his toys lol. He likes his toy elephant I bought him. Amanda’s dog Sookie had to curl up in my lap yesterday with the toy rope I got her and get some good snuggling in. I’d say I did good! With the animals anyway lol. Good to know someone loves me! I had a funny dream last night. I was going to have a crohn’s surgery done (not in real life) so I was meeting with all the doctors before hand to discuss what they were going to do, and where the cuts were going to be, etc. and my surgeon was actually the one guy on the show, The Doctors. Not the cute one either, but the oldest one, who I believe does plastic surgery in real life lol. So I showed them in my dream the tiny spot where I was having the pain, and they marked my whole damn stomach area to be opened up instead of where I showed them! Then I was mad, bc I kept telling them I had to pee (why do I always have to pee in my dreams???) and they kept telling me I wasn’t allowed! Though, they kept giving me glass of water after glass of water, which didn’t make sense to me if I was about to go into surgery. And why couldn’t I go pee before they started??? Then my neighbor upstairs knocked on my door to give me a nice card and a box of chocolates, so I woke up… and I went pee just to spite them LOL. Have a wonderful holiday everyone! Will do Wordless Wed. then write later on in the week to let you know how my holidays went! Take Care! Ash,

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