December 29, 2012 – Christmas Time!

My Christmas week has been absolutely exhausting.  Fun!!!  But exhausting lol.dec25 007

Christmas Eve, we went out to my dad and step mom’s and had a yummy dinner and got to see tons of family and friends.  All my nieces and nephews and siblings were there, so it was great.

I was so tired when I got home that night, I was in bed before 10pm and got woken up to Zeus at 1am and never went back to sleep!  I tried to nap at my mom’s later, but I kept getting crazy restless leg!  It snowed quite a bit, so I got most of the shoveling done before I left.

kujfjhI was at mom’s all day, for brunch and dinner.  By the time I lugged all my awesome gifts home, I thought I was going to die from exhaustion lol.  I got tons of paint, art supplies, wool, needles, books, etc.  I was definitely spoiled :)

Boxing Day, I came back up in the afternoon to see visit more with my aunt Kelly and had yummy left overs there.

Yesterday we had a crazy snow storm, and was up to my knees trying to shovel it.  It took me four tries of having to take breaks, just to get the front ramp and the side ramp and deck shoveled.  I could care less about my driveway spot with no car, and I cannot even look at the big back deck right now without wanting to bawl lol.  It was killer!

100_1432Having a Cupcake Girls marathon on tv today while getting some cleaning done around here.  Not going to bother putting any of the Christmas decorations away until New Years Day or the 2nd.  On the 4th, I head to the Neuro!

Hope you all had a wonderful time!


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