December 29, 2012 – Relapse

Well I have had three colds and strep throat, and now I am having a crohn’s disease relapse.  I ended up in the ER last Saturday from the pain.  They put me on morphine, and checked to make sure I don’t have a blockage, which thankfully I don’t!  So now, I go in to see my specialists on Friday, and see what their plan is.  I’m happy I get to be home for Christmas, bc for a while there, I didn’t think I would be.

Amanda and Nick came over a week or so ago, and we made a bunch of homemade ornaments.  I have some pictures of that to post.

Then this past Sunday (yes, the day after being in the ER) I went over to their place to celebrate Nick’s 7th birthday.  It is technically today, but we celebrated it early so he could have his two best friends over.  I got him a Thor doll… Amanda likes it even more than him LOL.  Later today mom, Grams and I, are going up to see him, and they’ll have cake.


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