July 16, 2012 – More Goodies

I am not sure if I mentioned in my last post, but I went out back along the fence line and planted a bunch of extra seeds I had left over next to the tiger lilies, and a couple packages of sunflowers. Obviously I did something wrong, bc none grew LOL. But one lonely little sunflower is popping up where I did NOT plant any! It’s going to get tangled in the trees, and I’d move it, but knowing me, I’d kill it in the process lol. Went to the dollar store with my mom yesterday and got a cute bird feeder and some food. I snuck around and saw a bunch of robins and blackbirds eating out of it 🙂 . I also got a couple ceramic pots for my sweet basil and parsley, but I was reading about it, and everywhere said to put a bag over the pots to create the greenhouse like affect, so I just put them in my little seed trays and am growing them there to start since they come with a green house top. My zebrinas, passion flowers, and gaillardias are doing well in their pots, minus a run in with my local squirrel babies who decided to go rooting in the one pot and flung dirt everywhere! Hopefully now they’ve realized there’s no goodies in there for them! Today my mom is having her staff come to her house for a dinner, and asked me to come with some of my lawn chairs and help entertain… free dinner! So as I was looking at what would be the most comfy and cleanest and I noticed a HUGE spider on my deck making a big web between the back half rails of my deck! So I got a huge watering can and soaked his web down and then smooshed him with the can LOL. I hate spiders! Ew! Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, so I will be going up there again in the evening to give her, her gift. I got her a rot iron bicycle planter. It’s really cute, and will look good in her newly done up garden out back 🙂 . She is also giving me her iris because it doesn’t bloom for very long! LOVE getting free plants! hehe. Ash,


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