July 18, 2012 – Heat Wave

Omg it is so bloody hot out the last week!  It was in the 40′s AGAIN yesterday!  Sickening!

Yesterday was also my Grandma’s birthday!  So my mom and I split and got her navy blue clothed gazebo.  With my one illness, I tend to pass out when my arms are raised above my head for long periods of time, due to blood pooling.  I was putting the gazebo together for about two hours with my arms raised almost the entire time and never fainted!  I’m so happy I’m doing better!  And we were excited to have it put together and set up before she got home.

We had a nice cake, and my mom and I picked out flowers for her… which we didn’t realize until half way to their house, that they were fake! LOL.  My grandma didn’t notice either!  I also put together a little table my Grandma had bought, and got dunked with water by the kids playing in their little pool! LOL.  They’re lucky they’re cute!

I was also able to get one of those hanging strawberry plant holders and the mini green house!  I don’t have it built yet bc Zeus has claimed it as his bed, and I’ve been so exhausted I just don’t care lol.  Will probably do it some time today.

Amanda, Nick (my sister and youngest nephew) were going to go down to my dad’s and visit for the day while dad and Nick went fishing.  Amanda was in too much pain (arthritis, etc. issues) and with the rain we figured we’d try for tomorrow.  Which is probably good bc I have SO much I need to do around here!

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