July 21, 2012 – Seeds A Plenty!

My great friend Nicole, sent me some DVDs of TV shows, and she put some lemon balm in there for me too! Seeds I mean lol. It did not seem to be very hard to grow, other than putting it in a pot, under a small layer of planting soil. So I am starting that indoors now too! It’s supposed to have a nice fragrant smell, so nothing wrong with that! My sweet basil is NOT growing. So I started again last night. My parsley on the other hand is growing great so far! I planted in 6 seed pods, and all of them are popping up. I definitely don’t need that many plants, so I am giving some to my sister and nephew to grow in their new apartment since they like using fresh herbs to cook with as well. Mom’s party was a hit, and I have only brought one out of the four chairs back as of yet lol. It was dreadfully hot from the humidity, and then twenty some people packed onto the main floor. I helped with some of the salads, chopping veggies, etc. and got to take some home too! Yum! My mom’s birthday went well too. Amanda, Nick and I came up for the day, and she liked her gift I got her. She wants to keep the bicycle planter inside now bc she’s afraid someone will steal it lol. I must remember next time I am visiting, to take a picture of her garden she finished at her back yard area. She hasn’t finished the one up front yet bc she has a bunch of plants to move too. Nothing new besides the indoor planting here. I went out and watered tonight and planted the iris the other night. The tiger lilies are all done flowering for the year. Same with the Astra, but the hostas with lilies are going strong, as are the hyacinths. Ash,


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