November 10, 2012 – Bbrrrrr

It’s like Winter out!  Though by Sunday, it’s supposed to be in the mid teens again.  Boo!  And more rain!

Today, my aunt Kelly, Grams, Amanda and I, went to Nick’s school and watched their Remembrance Day assembly.  Nick and another student brought the big wreath from their class up to hang on the cross, and we watched his class and another sing this adorable song :)   Proud Ya Ya!!!  It was great to get to be there after getting to hear him practice it earlier in the week!

My aunt Kelly is down from Toronto, which totally makes my week!  I went there yesterday for dinner, and will go for the day tomorrow before she goes home on Sunday.  I don’t get to see her enough!  Love, love, love her!

Got all my Christmas stuff, but the tree and decorations for it out.  I have to move my couch and TV around so I can actually see my tree, then I will actually sort out the room decorations and figure out where to put them.  Right now, they’re just a big pile in the living room!

Working on catnip bunnies.  They’re cute, but I wish they were more round like a normal bunny.  Hopefully all the kitties will like them.  I have ten to make, and I think I’m about half done.  Or almost… they’re taking forever!  But I like to make something fun for them all.

Money is getting tight.  Thankfully I sold my wheelchair, or else I would be screwed for Christmas.  I still need to buy for my dad and step mom, my aunt Kelly, and half of my Gram’s gift.  Since stockings are such a special deal in our family, and all of us are on a very tight budget, my aunt Kelly had a good idea, by having each of us buy one small fun gift for everyone to put in the stockings, and one for Nick too.  Next year, we talked of having a secret Santa, where we draw a name, and only have to by for one person.  Then you can buy a litter nicer gift than usual, but not go broke trying to buy for everyone.

Gotta head out and give my dad a call since it’s his 61st birthday today!




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