November 25, 2012

I haven’t written in almost two weeks.  I was planning on telling you all about my friend Nicole’s art show from last weekend, then about going to the movies with my sister and friends, and about going to the yearly Pauls Family Christmas Dinner which was last night… but none of it ended up being a go for me, because I caught another cold!!!  *stomps feet* It’s never ending this crap lol.  I feel like total Hell, and can barely talk, but am pushing through!!!

My dad goes in for knee surgery tomorrow, so I couldn’t be around him at the party in case he caught it from me.  I am giving him a call today before he goes in tomorrow to see how he’s doing.

My Grams, brought me over an early birthday gift, bc it’s pretty much impossible to wrap.  It’s one of the metal moose at JYSK.  I have the red one, and really wanted to the white one that sold out right away last year.  I love it :)   Now I have both my moose!  hehe.

My birthday is next week sometime.. Tues. or Wed. I think.  I will be 30!!!  I think it just seems silly.  Not scary like it does to most people.  I mean come on, 30 is NOT old by ANY means, and the idea just makes me giggle bc I don’t act like an adult at all!



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