November 3, 2012 – Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!  I went up to my mom’s again.  I picked Nick up at the bus, and we came back and hung out until Meghan, Julian and Liam got there.  Nick was dressed up as Darth Vadar, and Liam was a really cool Zombie.  The three of us walked them around the entire town house complex that my mom and Grams lives in.  It was fun, since normally I just sit at the door and hand out candy and take pictures of the kids we know.

When I got home that night, yet again there were signs that trick or treaters had been at my place.  I love seeing the children I know, especially Nick, but I think next year, I might give out candy at my own place.  I’ll wait a see next year what I feel like doing.

I got Nick’s Christmas present ordered, and got a call today that it’s in.  I got him a Yoshi racing car that he asked for.  I still don’t know what I’m going to get him for his birthday yet though.  My Grams, I ordered part of her gift yesterday and Amanda’s gift.  I can’t say what since they may both read this, but I’m excited :)

I sold my wheel chair!  Which now makes Christmas shopping a little less stressful.  Obviously people don’t expect you to buy, but when it’s my close family, I like to, bc they do so much for me during the year.  It’s fun getting to watch them open something I picked out for them.

ImageYesterday was grocery day… aka day from Hell for me lol.  It kills me to lug the grocery bags, and is frustrating knowing that I am basically making myself sick.  Day from Hell number 2, goes to laundry day, but thankfully, once I got the washer and dryer in here, it won’t be bad at all.  Right now it’s the lugging the laundry to my mom’s, and down into her basement, then back up stairs, and out to my place and fold and hang everything.  Kills my body!

I got everything done though, and even got myself some sparkly (of course purple) nail polish lol.  I put away all the Halloween decorations, except one, I just noticed hanging on the wall dammit!  *shakes fist* lol.  So almost done it!

I also went outside yesterday to take the garbage out, and noticed I have a new front door! LOL.  Didn’t even know he had changed it.  Must have happened during my Strep Throat time when I was out to the doctors or at my mom’s.

ImageLast evening, mom and I were sitting on my side deck chatting and we saw the cute little dark grey shi-tzu just walking along on no leash!  He looked familiar as one of the dogs I see a lot walking with their owners, but I didn’t know who he belonged to, so we ran out and after him realizing we weren’t going to hurt him, he let me scoop him up and hold him bc it was raining.  We walked down the direction he came from to see if anyone in the houses knew who he was, but no one did.  Mom said I should have kept him bc he was sweet lol, but Zeus would have ate him, and I didn’t know what kind of health problems he might have had, so I called and the animal rescue place came to get him and take him to the Humane Society in case his owners called there looking for him.  I hope he gets home!  He was a sweet little dear.  He just slept on my belly, while we cuddled on the couch waiting for them to get here.  Didn’t even have a collar on!

Nothing exciting happening this following week!  Just grabbing my Christmas orders, my dad’s and brother’s and step mother’s birthday are this week, and just trying to get ahead of the game for this month with things I want to get done.  Like my Spring, now Fall, and soon to be Winter cleaning LOL.  My knee still hurts, but I think I can finally get the kitchen all cleaned up, and then the front room now since the new door, so I can start using it, instead of the side kitchen door!

Take Care


PS  The hurricane day here was nuts with wind, and half ass scary by that night, but thankfully no crazy damage or anything :)


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