October 13, 2012 – Crazy Week

This week has gone by fast!  My fridge started leaking… again, so the landlord just came by and brought me a brand new one.  It’s nice and white and big!  I hate short fridges bc of me being tall.  I like height!

ImageThanksgiving was great.  Got to see my two step bros, my brother Kirk and his girlfriend and kids, my dad and Lois, and Jess and Travis (my oldest niece and nephew).  I always love getting to see the kids bc it’s never that often!  Their sis Caryn didn’t make it out though, unfortunately.

ImageMonday, we had Thanksgiving at my moms, where it was her, my Grams, my sis, Nick and I for dinner.  It was a good dinner too, and I got yummy left overs!  (love not always having to cook!)  My mom was given a dog after hers passed away, by our friend Meghan.  Her dog’s name is Niles, and he is the same breed my mom’s dog Winnie was.  A Shi-tzu.  He’s very loveable and he had me laughing so hard playing with me.

ImageTuesday I got my nails done at the Cat’s Meow.  It was great!  It’s more of a hair salon and spa, so I was upstairs in this area only for nails, and I was the only customer.  It was nice and relaxing.  The girl that did my nails was only 23 and did a great job.  Turns out she has Crohn’s too!  I would recommend the place for sure, but a tad expensive for me to go again.

ImageI finally got all my Halloween decorations out, including my glowing pumpkins that sit on the window sill to peer at people going by.  I love them :)   The rest, are probably all Dollar Store decorations LOL.

ImageThursday I was to go washer and dryer shopping, but my SSW Susan was sick.  Normally it’s me that’s too sick lol.  It worked out though, bc I ended up feeling terrible myself so we will be going probably next week lol.

ImageToday, after school, Amanda and Nick came for our Mexican night.  My PSW Lilian, gave me her quesadilla maker and it makes such a big help!  Guaranteed we would have had stuff everywhere trying to flip the tortillas in a pan.  Nick nor Amanda had ever had them before, and I was so glad they loved them!  Nick even told me I was a good cook :)   And coming from an honest 6 year old… that’s serious complimenting right there lol.  Only downside to the meal, was we needed more of it!  We were all still hungry afterward!  Nick and I had chocolate fudge ice cream with brownie chunks in it, but Amanda missed out bc her Crohn’s has been bad.  I meant to take photos of the meal in progress of being cooked, and I forgot until AFTER we ate and had settled down to relax!  Next time though!  For our next Around the World dinner we are thinking Indian food.  I really want to learn more about cooking with curry, bc if it’s mild, I reallly like it.  Maybe I should let Amanda do it, and stink up her place instead LOL.

ImageTomorrow I am off to my mom’s to do laundry, and dog sit Niles for her, while her and my Grams go to an anniversary party.  Should get some good pic.s in of all the animals there… if I remember my camera hehe.



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