October 30, 2012 – Niles and Zeus Finally Meet!

I was worried how Zeus would take to Niles.  I knew he wouldn’t scratch him, but instead run away and hide, which worried me.  Niles is my mom’s new dog, and totally sweet and hilarious fun, but I doubted Zeus would agree!  My mom called me this morning, and asked if I would watch him for the few hours she was gone to the doctors.  My mom will be home soon and Zeus is now out, yet still unsure of him.  A lot better than I thought though, and would be willing to watch Niles here again.

I totally botched my vegetarianism this week.  I haven’t ate meat once since I started, until I had a turkey club house sandwich this past week and it made me sicker than a dog lol.  I even had problem digesting normal food yesterday bc of it, but I’m doing a bit better today.

Susan and I finally got to Trenton too and went washer dryer hunting at Leons.  I found one that would fit perfectly in my apartment the way it is set up now, and decently priced, which I can pay monthly for 15 months without any interest.  It will be a hard row, but I can do the payments.  I just need to make sure the guy who is installing it, can instal a new plug for it for me.

I got my new list of flowers and plants I want to get next year.. not narrowed down yet.  Way too many as of yet lol.  I went out and got all the weeding done, except the small bed at the other end of the house, bc I was waiting for my med.s to be delivered and didn’t want to miss him coming to the door.

I also finally got rid of the old fridge.  The couple came yesterday and picked it up, but when they tipped it, it leaked EVERYwhere on the floor.  Yum.

I also am selling my wheel chair.  My old, original one.  Who knows if I’ll get anything much for it, but I figure it’s worth a shot instead of just giving it away yet.

Going up to do the rest of my laundry at my mom’s tonight and having dinner there.
Take Care!


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