October 8, 2012 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Went to my dad and step mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  I got to see my three brothers, and my oldest niece and oldest nephews, etc.  It was nice to see everyone :)   My dad is borrowing my walker bc he is going in for knee surgery in November.

I’m doing well.  I am supposed to be going off slowly, as many med.s as I can to help with my POTS symptoms.  If you don’t know what that is, since it is it’s awareness month http://www.ashpauls.wordpress.com  I have gone off of the medicine for my Fibromyalgia bc it wasn’t well, but am still in a lot more pain now.  I have bursitis in my knee, but have been doing daily exercises for it, so slowly but surely it’s getting better.  I am on a new medication for my depression, bc the old one stopped working.  It seems like it’s doing better, but not fully.  That could also be bc I have been sick with a cold for about a month lol.Image

I went to an awareness BBQ for depression, where they showcased art work from the clients, to show people with depression can still do things they enjoy, and accomplish things.  I put my blanket that I recently knitted in there, my one rug hooking project, and a funky scarf I made last year.  They also did a raffle draw for prizes, and I won a free manicure :)   Not fake nails or anything like that, just a nice massage with lotions, and I get my nails painted.  I’ve never had anything like that done before, so it will be fun!  I go on Tuesday :) Image

All my plants are done flowering, except for my zebrina.  I planted a whack load of tulips in the front area under the stairs, and some hyacinthus, allium, and narcissus in the front yard for some added color in the Spring.  Now I want Winter to come, so Spring can come, and I can see my damn flowers! LOL.  I’m excited to see if they’ll grow!  So far no squirrels, thanks to the help of garlic!

Each year, my Grams gets a tiny little packet of forget me nots, from the Alzheimer’s society.  This year she gave me the seeds, so I am going to plant them indoors over the winter and grow them.  I am also going to attempt force growing tulips inside too.  I love Winter, but the flowers will make it that much cheerier inside during the cold :)   I am also growing right now, parsley, lemon balm, and sweet basil on my window sills.  All of which are doing great :)   I’m thinking of lavender next!Image

Zeus has been great as always, thankfully!  I love my little dear to pieces!  He is *cough* a tad on the heavy side lol, so he’s been exercising with me (rolling around on the floor beside me trying to get belly rubs), and playing lots with pant strings, his laser toy, and a hanging mouse that I use to get him moving.  He’s thoroughly enjoying it, and he seems happier and more mobile than before.

Christmas is coming up soon.  I have to buy gifts monthly instead of weekly bc of being on disability, so I have to start early in order to get anywhere!  I am working on some knitted gifts, and trying to figure out what to get the others.  There are only two more paychecks for me before I have to be finished!  I love buying gifts to give, but stressful when there isn’t enough money!Image

My mom’s dog Winnie, who is my little babe, had to be put down a couple weeks ago due to a brain tumor.  I was still living at home when my mom first got her, and she has been like my secondary pet.  I spent so much time with her, and even when I’d come over to visit since moving on my own, she’d sit with me most the day and cuddle.  I miss her terribly.  Definitely not the same there, but my mom’s one cat August, always makes sure I have lots of love whether I want it or not hehe.  She runs right to me the moment I come in :)   I swear they just know…

Today has been a horribly boring day for me.  I got lots done, but I had to haul ass the entire time, and I feel like I need to be out of the house doing something.  I forced myself to stay home, bc starting tomorrow until Friday, I am going to be busy every day, and I’d be wishing I had, had this day to rest.  Just boring! Image

Monday, I’m going to mom and Gram’s for Thanksgiving dinner with Amanda and Nick, Tuesday I go for my nails and doing laundry (BOO), Wed. I have a PSW coming.  Not my regular one, Lilian, but Pat, who comes most times when Lilian’s off, Thursday I am going washer and dryer shopping!  Weee!  And Thursday… I can’t even remember now crap LOL.  Plus, Amanda, Nick and I are doing our Around the World dinner here, where we are making Mexican Quesadillas!

Have a great weekend!



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