Michael’s Fun

Jan15 004Not an overly eventful week, but still, it has been lots of fun!  I went with my Grams on Sunday to Michael’s, and got a bunch of craft stuff.  I got an Origami kit for Nick, Amanda and I to do on Thursday when they come for dinner, I got three new paint brushes, so wool for a baby blanket, and a rug hooking kit.

I’ve also been working and finished my first toque.  Was NOT easy to size!  I went with the exact needle size, etc. but the first one would only fit a sumo wrestlers head!  Or butt perhaps…

Then my buddy Nicole and I talked on the phone, for she figured out, four hours!!!  It was a much needed call, and we always laugh a lot, so it made me feel a lot better 🙂

Today, I went to my mom’s and got to spend the afternoon with her 🙂  I brought up a cowl I was knitting to match the toque, and a bunch of books and magazines to read.

Jan15 011Nicole popped by (BOO I missed her!) and left a little gift box of a bunch of tv shows to watch, a calendar which her gorgeous dog Jenna is in (Ms. September woot woot!) and a catnip pillow for Zeus… who is as we speak making some of the weirdest noises that have ever come out of him playing with it lol.  Thank you SO much!!!

Jan15 003I also did my first painting in a LONG time!  I’m talking around twelve years at least!  I need to do it more, bc it’s so fun 🙂

This Friday I go to the GI specialist, with my counselor Susan, and Thursday, I meet her new student Alissa.

Hope you’re doing well!  And a special good luck to Ellie who starts school soon!!!! *hugs*



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