Sunday Snuggles

Jan20 005

Jenna, my friend Nicole’s gorgeous dog, as Ms. Sept. in Paulmac’s calendar she sent me 🙂

Had a long week.  Went with my mom and Grams to Kingston to the GI clinic.  Normally when you go in, you can wait three or more hours before you get in the room, but this time, I got in right away and only waited about 45 min.s in the room.

I had Dr. Beyak.  He doesn’t believe the pain is from Crohn’s Disease, but possibly Pancreatitis from my crohn’s med.s, or possibly gallstones.  He’s getting blood work, a cat scan, and a stomach ultrasound done on me to see.  He gave me a medicine for my stomach again, but he gave me a wrong prescription that isn’t covered by OHIP, so I am calling tomorrow to ask for another one.

Jan20 001Saturday morning I was woken up from the pain that last around 4 hours.  I was ready to go to the ER, and was just waiting for my family to wake up to take me, when it finally calmed down enough for me to sleep.  I spent Saturday at my mom’s laying down a lot.  Nick came over and was a huge cuddle bug the entire time.  He hates when anyone gets sick.

Jan20 012I finished a cowl I was making to match the toque I knitted, and started a painting of Barney, the dog we grew up with.  He was a German Shepard, Collie and Lab mix.  AMAZING dog 🙂

This week, it will be getting my new med.s, and going to my family doctor on Friday.  Other than that, I think I’ll be resting lots.

Take Care.



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