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Zeus watching Anderson

Zeus watching Anderson

I had a pretty good week.  Last night, Amanda, Carrie and I went to the movies and saw, Mama.  The effects for it were done really well, and the story idea was really cool, but it wasn’t scary, not anything like it makes you think it’s going to be by the trailer.  I’m glad I went though.  Haven’t laughed that hard in so long.  By the end of the movie, everyone in the theater was laughing.

Been going crazy catching up on The Vampire Diaries since finishing Arrested Development.  It’s taking so long though!  Damn hour shows lol.  And I’ve been back into knitting more again.  I needed a little break bc I’ve been doing it non stop for almost two years straight, so now I’m back at it, and working on a fox scarf for my bud Nicole.  Then, I have two other scarves, and a baby blanket to do.  It’s all stuff I really want to do though, and excited to see how they all turn out.  My sis has been on me about making more random pieces to actually try selling, but I have more fun making stuff for people I know lol.  I think I would get very lazy with my knitting, if it didn’t actually have a purpose behind it, like a present, etc.  So that’s what the next two scarves are going to be.  Sellers.. maybe lol.

feb1 003Got a call from my landlord today about me getting the washer and dryer.  He had his friend who’s an electrician to come check and make sure there was enough room for a 220 Volt plug to be put in, and there isn’t!  Only enough room for a regular 110 Volt.  Which means… back to the shopping around!  I mean, it’s a good thing in the sense that there won’t need to be more installing, etc. in here, but now I have to go out looking again too, when I thought I had found a good one to begin with.  It will all work out eventually!

I talked to some people in a Crohn’s group on facebook about the pain I’ve been having, and everyone who answered my post said they had the same thing from hernias.  Weird!  I’m not banking on that being what it is, since a lot of them got their hernias from surgeries, but I figure if nothing comes up in the tests in March, then I will be asking… yes asking, for another stomach scope to see if they can find anything that way.  EEK!

Jan29 005Got all my grocery shopping done yesterday.  Now, I have to only get my cat food and drop off my medicine coverage card to the pharmacist, and get my garbage tags for the month.

I am now officially sick with my fourth cold this season.  I’m not impressed!  At least this time, I was given a month or two break between the last one!  So far it’s not gotten into my chest, so hopefully it stays that way, and I’ll be better before I know it.  I just don’t know how I caught it, when it started to show up on Wed. morning, and I hadn’t gone anywhere, but to my mom’s, where neither her nor my Grams were sick.  Oh wells, it’ll be all good and gone soon enough!

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday too, and was given this great moisturizer for the eczema.  One use, and it was already keeping the dry skin at bay.  My face is still very red, mostly bc I got wind burnt yesterday being out lol, but it looks and feels so much better!

Have a great weekend!



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