Anyone Care for Some Snow?

feb8 009I had a plan this time dammit!  It was supposed to snow up to a foot over night, and then get around two feet of snow over today.  I was going to get up early, shovel last nights mess, and then do two rounds of shoveling throughout the day today.  Then I wouldn’t be over doing it by shoveling feets and feets of snow, or being stuck with all that snow and not being well enough to go through what I did last time to get rid of it.  That didn’t happen… I slept in and now it’s absolutely insane out and I can barely get my door open!  Now it’s giving me issues shutting too bc of all the snow accumulating in the way and warping the wood!

feb8 006So to start way back to last week end… I went with Amanda and Nick over to their neighbor Carrie’s house.  We had a chocolate fondu party with yummy candy, which I didn’t eat much of bc of the stomach problems, and tons of yummy fruit like kiwi and strawberries.  Mmmm.  I also got to meet and snuggle lots with her three cats Baby, Maxwell, and Merl, and her dog …. shit I forget her name lol.   She’s really cute though.

We all decided to play the dance party game on the Wii which I had never done, and just about killed myself doing.  It was so much fun though!  I was laughing so hard, but they all did really well.  I did two songs.. Nellie Furtado … brain fart on the song, and the Time Warp which was fun as hell to do!

feb8 011

Scarf I’m working on to sell

Then later in the week I went to the dentist for a cleaning.  I had been having more sensitivity than usual in a couple teeth, but no cavities thankfully!  And crazy enough, I was able to go through the whole thing without ANY pain!  It was insane!  Even the hygienist who is too sweet thought it was crazy how fast my pain did a turn around, and how well my teeth were doing besides my health issues, medications, etc.  She gave me a free bottle of Sensodyne tooth paste just to put on the two new sensitive spots at night to help with that and sent me on my way!  I’ve never been to the dentist for a cleaning, and not heard about a bunch of cavities, or root exposure, or something bad that required more work that needed to be done.  AWESOME!

my fav. comics

my fav. comics

My mom is going to be selling her home soon, and she got herself a smaller, new table set from JYSK.  Since they were having crazy sales on their kitchen furniture, she wanted to get it then, but she pulled a muscle in her back again, so she couldn’t lift the table into the house in the box.  I thought it would be dumb to pay almost another $100 on the set just to have them deliver it, when it was doable for me to pick up, so I came up and brought it in with her and my Grams just bringing in the chairs.  I always love putting together furniture.  Yes I’ll swear, and get mad if I have to redo something, and be stubborn about help lol, but I do enjoy doing it!  Nick came over yesterday after school, and helped me put together the one chair.  He was pretty good for figuring out what screws had to go where, and lining the pieces up straight to fit them all in.  I was impressed!  Overall by dinner last night… literally finished just before, mom got to eat at her new table set which was far more comfortable for her to lean against with her pulled back muscle.  It looks really nice, and she picked out good colors for the chairs.

feb8 012I finally got all caught up on the Vampire Diaries, and now since Netflix sucks for being up to date on tv shows, I am going to now catch up on the season that’s going on right now of Sons of Anarchy, and the Walking Dead.

Dad’s finally back from his trip too!  I was complaining all day yesterday wondering when he was coming home bc I missed not being able to call him whenever I wanted, but it was today they flew into Toronto, but sadly they came from Arizona to THIS crap weather!



One thought on “Anyone Care for Some Snow?

  1. Wish I could come over to help shovel – by this point you probably need someone to come from the outside to work their way in to shovel you out anyway.

    Those wii dance games are BRUTAL! Good for you! I’ve only done a couple, a year or so ago, thought I’d die and gave right up. That scarf looks so pretty! If it didn’t suck to mass knit things you could join the art shows with me to sell them!

    I’m so happy that you FINALLY had a good dentist visit! I also totally love putting things together, even though I can get frustrated, I get very possessive; “No, it’s fine, I got it, I don’t need your help.”


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