Family Weekend

feb17 025I hope you’re all having a great long weekend!  I never remember family day.  I still don’t think of it as a holiday.  I think this year, will be the first I actually celebrate the day.

Yesterday, Dad and Lois came.  I got beautiful, yellow roses 🙂 and a really cool African sculpture, that reminds me of Cleopatra, which anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Egyptian history.

The three of us went up to Amanda and Nick’s and visited there for a while.  Dad and Lois left, and I spent the day with Amanda and Nick at their place.  We danced like dumb asses and watched a lot of cartoons and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  Nick loves that show lol.  We also went up to Giant Tiger for a bit, and I picked up some groceries, and got some green and red pepper seeds.  I planted them last night, so hopefully they’ll be ready by the end of May.  We also had a really yummy dinner.

feb17 026Today, I went up to my mom and Gram’s place.  Mom is getting the townhouse ready to sell, so I cleaned the bathroom all up (walls, etc.) and painted her bathroom vanity a couple coats.  It was a good color choice she picked!  Much better than the dark brown it was.  Had a yummy dinner there too.

Earlier, her and I went to Metro and then Canadian Tire, where I got some refills for my Jiffy Pots, a tomato cage, and some cherry tomato seeds, which I planted and sat in the window tonight.  Mom also gave me a pot full of different plants (vines, etc.) from my Gramps funeral, and some extra potting dirt she had.  So I came home, and topped up her plant, my tulips (which are still hiding in the cold dark of the front entrance, and my Forget Me Nots, which I think have forgotten to grow!

Zeus watching one of the Pet Sitter videos on YouTube

Zeus watching one of the Pet Sitter videos on YouTube

Tomorrow, being Family Day, Amanda, Nick and I, will go up to mom and Gram’s AGAIN for dinner (gotta love not cooking, and have no dishes to do up) and having some salads, etc.  It’ll be nice 🙂  Hope you all are celebrating too!



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