Do You Hoard?

Not sure if I even spelt that right.  Apparently, I can’t spell spelt either bc it keeps coming up wrong!

Watching Anderson tonight, they were talking about hoarders.  How they try to help the client determine whether they should keep something, is only keeping it if they LOVE it.  For whatever reason, the items in your home, should only be ones you love.

I started looking around my own place, bc I consider myself an anti hoarder.  I’m the type that throws things away almost immediately after I stop using it, then six months down the road, I wish I still had it.  I always try every six months or so too, to go through all of my packed up belongings, and donate whatever I know I won’t use, or don’t like, or don’t have any use for.  Though I cannot say I LOVE everything I have.  There are a few I own, that I was always dieing to have if I ever found, but I was usually too cheap to buy new, and then found later at a second hand store, or was given them as a gift.

feb22 014This mug holder, I got used at Value Village.  I had always wanted one… not sure why, but I loved the look of them (still do!) but wasn’t willing to buy a whole new set of mugs just to get the stand.  So I found the stand by itself at my mom’s work, and snatched it up asap!

feb22 015

I know this thing seems completely silly, but I love having one of these!  I love when I’m cooking, having my big utensils in a little container like this right on the counter, easy to grab by the stove, then having to rustle through some junk drawer trying to find the thing I need.  This one was either my mom’s, or my Grams, who gave it to me.  As you can see, I really could use a second, but I’m holding back lol.

feb22 016

Another totally silly, unnecessary item for the kitchen. I LOVE this.  I had been looking for one, for years, and finally found this one at the Dollar Store!  The fact that I got it there, makes this spoon holding a million times cooler to me lol.  I detest dirty soup spoons, or used coffee spoons sitting on the counter.  It looks bad, and I don’t want to be constantly wiping down my counter space, so this is totally useful for me, and get used numerous times daily!

feb22 017

This picture shows a few things in one I love in the kitchen.  Once I got cooking more and buying cook books, and making up my own little recipe books, and cards, I wanted to get a small shelf like this to have those things neat.  Don’t get me wrong, the junk drawer does exist, and it is filled to the hilt with things, but certain items, I like to be able to get at quickly, and recipes are definitely one.  So that, and my little recipe box sitting on the top were always something I wanted to have.  As well as a fruit basket.  Don’t ask me why.  I don’t understand it.  I just loved the look of fresh fruit, but quickly came to realize when I first moved out on my own, that all the damn fruit goes bad too quickly left out of the fridge before I could eat it.  So I went to JYSK when they had a sale, and bought some fake lemons and apples lol.  The real ones are now always in the crisper.

So I suppose when it comes down to it.  All the idle decorative stuff around my apartment, I absolutely adore and love.  Just other things, like my desk for example I do not LOVE, but it serves a useful purpose so it stays.  The idea of hoarding sends shivers down my spine.  It freaks me out even being a pack rat and that’s nothing! I have too much crap as it is, and have barely any space for anything new.  The last thing I need is to be adding unneeded crap to the bunch!



3 thoughts on “Do You Hoard?

  1. I do believe the word that you are looking for is “spelled” hahaha 😉
    I want a mug holder! I have an entire bottom row of my tea cabinet donated to mugs and they are spilling out.
    GOTTA have a spoon rest!
    Also, we have the container for our cooking utensils as well hehehe
    Some things you just need!
    Just…never come to my house. You’d die over how much we have laying around.


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