End of February

feb22 001This week has been good!  I got to see a friend Theone and her beautiful, four month old, Aria.  She’s such a happy, friendly baby.  I made sure Nick got lots of cuddles too and took pictures 🙂  Theone is looking amazing, and Aria has her pretty blue eyes.

I made a patchwork like blanket for Zeus, since the old one was getting tattered, and his claws stick to it like crazy.  This one is a lot sturdier and thicker, so he can lay down on it and enjoy it in his bed!

feb17 013I went up to mom’s on Family Day with Amanda and Nick.  We had yummy cold salads and homemade chocolate pie, and butterscotch pie.  I love to bake, but hate making pies.  Too much watching needed in the process lol.

Got all my mini tomatoes, and green and red pepper plants started on the windowsill, and am now working on a rug  hooking kit I got at Michaels a few months or more ago.  I need to go out on a search for buttons that look like eyes to finish my friend Nicole’s fox scarf.

feb22 008This morning Zeus woke me climbing up on me to snuggle, and I realized my stomach was really bothering me.  Not the crazy pain I’ve been getting though, thankfully!  It’s that feeling you get in your stomach when you drink coffee on an empty stomach.  I call it gut rot lol.  I finally had to get up around 4:30am to take my stomach med.s from the GI and waited a bit for them to work before I made some toast.  It’s much better than it was, but I’m still in a lot of pain.

I’m supposed to be going with mom sometime today to look at Habitat for Humanity type stores, to see what type of deals we can get for her working on her townhouse.  Then we are to go back to her place, and I am going to help paint the doors a fresh white.  Hopefully with this pain, I will be able to, bc I really want to help!

Hope you’re all doing well!



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