February Madness

feb17 014I seriously feel about as bad as I do when going through a Crohn’s relapse.  That’s fine and all, I just need time to rest and relax so that I don’t end up in the hospital.  It seems like all this stuff is being piled on me right now.  Some things normal, like getting paid, so I need to go grocery shopping (which kills me on a good day) and having to do my laundry (which is just not going to happen right now) my PSW coming, which is a HUGE help with cleaning up my apartment which is turning into a pig sty.  It’s hard to deal with any kind of company though when you feel this terrible, bc I have to be up and moving to let her in, and let her know what I need her to do.

I also, good news of course, have JP from housing coming tomorrow morning to work on moving my shelving in the bathroom around to fit in the washer dryer set I choose.  My landlord made a quick little open concept closet for extra clothes in there, and a small shelf to hold my towels, linen, etc.  So it won’t be hard for JP to basically remove the closet part, and move the shelving down to the end of the wall, so the washer and dryer can sit right next to the plug and piping system.  He even offered to run me over to an appliance place to look at washers and dryers, but with my PSW Lilian coming, I can’t, and to be honest I just don’t have it in me right now!

Plus, I heard from an old student of Susan my Social Service Worker, Amy, who was great, and is willing to help me finish one of the classes I was doing at Loyalist.  It’s like a Prior Learning Assessment course, which I had all done almost two years ago, except for building the portfolio, before I got too sick to deal with it.  So she’s coming by next week to work on it with me, and see what she did in hers when she took the class.  Will be totally awesome to see her and catch up bc she’s such a great person, I just feel like it’s going to kill me to do it right now.

As well, when the student that’s with Susan right now, Alissa comes back from reading week, her and I are supposed to go out on a bus trip around town.  I was thinking the Bayview Mall near my place to get Zeus a water fountain I saw at The Bargain Shop for around $14 would be something to do.  I was going to have her go get cat food with me at the vets, but she’s allergic to cats.  Zeus doesn’t climb around her, so it doesn’t affect her, but the vets would probably be too much to test it.  Plus Zeus will need some canned food before she’s back.

I know there is even more going on, like me helping mom paint her doors and stuff, and then my tests coming up for the possible Gallbladder problems, and whatever else I just can’t think of right now, but I DO NOT feel like I can handle any of it.  The tests yeah of course, bc I need to know what’s going on to feel better, but the rest I just want to scream at the thoughts of doing until after I get whatever is going on fixed.

On a nice note… which is something I’ll have to do too lol, I got a call from the G.I. doctor in Belleville finally!  I go in for a meeting the doctor visit the fifth of April.  So that’s good to know that I will be finally having another specialist moved from Kingston to Belleville.  Then I will only have my Neurologist in Kingston, which is totally fine bc he’s awesome, and I only see him a couple times a year usually.  Right now though, since my G.I.s in Kingston are the ones dealing with the sickness issue, I have to stay with them until I find out the prognosis.

Which reminds me, that I have to make an appointment with my family doctor too to get a disability form filled out, so that when I go to my appointments in Kingston, I can be refunded the gas money to pay to my mom or Grams, or whoever has to take me.  HUGE help!

If I’m not online much in the next month, or not home much, don’t worry, it’s just me trying to rest when I get the chance too.  Feel free to e-mail, etc. and I will try to stay in touch with everyone as much as I can.


PS I noticed tonight my tomato plants are slowly starting to pop up! YAY!


2 thoughts on “February Madness

  1. Oh Ashley! I wish I could just give you a big hug! You poor thing; what a miserable time right now. There simply aren’t enough spoons to go around for all of that. Hopefully typing it all out helped even the tiniest bit. It helps me sometimes when I’m feeling far too overwhelmed with things to get them listed all out in order like that, it not only helps me break down why each thing is so frustrating and difficult, but it helps to know that I no longer have to remember it, I have it listed out. What a list though. That’s more than enough to deal with for someone with a co-operative body.

    Please, please, please try to take it easy every chance you get. I know it’s easier said than done with so much going on, but like you already said, you don’t need the extra stress taxing you and landing you back in the ER. I really wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand. For now it might be best to leave anything you can live with, like the messy home (well anything your PSW doesn’t get done that is). It’s hard, because the longer things stay messy the crappier you feel, but trying to get things cleaned up might be pushing it too far for your body right now. It’s a catch 22 when you feel miserable and can’t rest and feel good because everything upsets you – I personally get really bummed out to the point of getting moody when the house is a huge mess – you need to rest and relax, but it’s so hard to do so with all that needed cleaning looming in your mind. Maybe try and reschedule any appointments that aren’t too dire for later, just to give yourself a rest.

    Sorry if I sound like a fretting nanny. I just hope you’re able to make it through this next while without getting worn out by everything. You and your health come first. ❤

    PS: What type of water fountain are you looking at? From personal experience I found a few different plastic ones to be more of a hassle than they were worth. Both of the plastic models I had grew mold very quickly and required charcoal filters to be bought frequently, and cleaning them was a ridiculous chore, I had to take everything apart just to clean the gunk out, and there were so many parts, and any teeny scratches in the plastic made the algae/mold grow back that much faster.

    I HAVE seen some since then that interest me, some are metal, and some are ceramic, they boast being easy to clean, and some say they are even dishwasher safe. I'd personally look for anything that says it's easy to clean and doesn't require you to buy things for it all the time. Just food for thought. Also! I did see a DIY guide once where a small fish tank filter was placed into a big glass fish bowl, and it pumped the water continuously, and the person covered it in pretty fake flowers. I tried it myself, but couldn't find a cheap small filter. Someday!

    Good luck with everything over the next while. Sorry for writing a novel here. Much love to you.


    • No, not a novel at all. *big hugs* Just what I needed to hear from an amazing friend. Thank you so much for always just getting it! You are an amazing person, and if I could change anything about you, it would be that you lived closer, just so we could hang out more! Thank you girl, you are truly one of a kind!!!


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