Invisible Awareness

snow from last night

snow from last night

Knowing that it’s Invisible Awareness Day, why not make yourself known about a condition of someone you know who is suffering from an illness that is not seen just by looking at them.  This applies to many illnesses, not only my own, my sister, family, and close friends, but many other illnesses as well.  If you think you already know what there is, look it up any way.  I bet you will learn something new, if not have a better outlook on what it is like for them on a day to day basis.

I have not been chatting much with people bc I haven’t been well.  If I don’t get back right away, I will be hoping tomorrow after grocery shopping to read all the emails on here, Facebook, and Hotmail to catch up.

I thought it would be a nice idea to go down to a local place that sells used movies, games, systems, etc. and get a Wii.  I would never buy a game console that allows me to sit for hours upon hours on my ass, so I thought this would be the perfect one.

I took the bus by myself.  I got off the bus and it was basically right across the street.  Unfortunately, it was a five block walk to the bus depot to get back home, all uphill.  Normally this would be nothing, but it hit me so badly this time, I was shaking like crazy and couldn’t get my body to calm down even once I was sitting.  So instead of resting like I should have been, I over did it and can now barely function.  Just trying to sleep it off as much as I can.  For games, which I have yet to try, it came with Fit and Resort.  And I got two dancing games and a movie, Drag Me To Hell.  Crazy cheap prices there.  I spent way less then I thought I was going to have to too just for the game console, and I got two free games with it!  Will be fun to try!

Just want to remind everyone of the Awareness Day, and now I’m back to zzzzz’s.


One thought on “Invisible Awareness

  1. That’s horrible that you had such an awful incident 😦 I’m glad you at least got your wii and games and a movie to show for it! Hopefully you can enjoy them all soon!


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