The Gardening Itch

mar28 020I am through with growing Parsley.  I know there’s all these great things about adding it to your food, etc. but I just don’t use it!  It’s more of a pain to me than anything else, so I checked the whole lot of it into the trash today lol.  I moved my six little tomato plants that lived through the growing out of the original 12, into a smaller little container, and started planting Geraniums in the window sill.  It said on the pack they needed to be started early, so I figure starting them first out of the others is a good idea.

mar28 016I went with Amanda and Carrie to the Dollar Store and got lots of goodies.  I got a card and bag and some extra stuff to put in my nieces Baby Shower gift, I got Zeus a new little toy, which other than him flailing himself at it then going to bed… I’d say it’s not going to be a winner, I got some garden pots, and a cute little Easter wreath I just through on the one door knob for now.

mar28 018Afterwards, we went to the mall and I got my foam roller for doing The Melt Method with.  I’m excited to try it 🙂

Then while mom was at the dentist, Grams and I got cat food and went grocery shopping at No Frills, which was an absolute mad house!  The line ups weren’t bad, but the rest was awful.

mar28 022I went to my doctors yesterday to fill out the gas form for disability, and she had the results from the GI from my ultrasound.  Nicole already knows bc I emailed her last night about it from mom’s, but I have Gallstones!  It seems kind of funny and makes me want to giggle bc it seems like something I should never have had to worry about with all the other crap I already have going on.  So I talked to my sis last night on the phone and made her talk to me while I watched a YouTube video of the surgery so I could see what it was like, and even though it was absolutely disgusting, and no organ should look like a Gallbladder does… I feel actually a lot better about getting an operation done if that ends up being the case.  The only thing that makes me nervous about it, is just the unknown bc I’ve never had a surgery, but I’m not worried about the pain, etc.  It’ll be a pain having to limit what I can do for a bit, but that’s not anything I can’t figure out.  I go see the new GI in Belleville next week sometime so hopefully he’ll have an idea and go on from there to find out what’s going to be done about it.

mar28 007This weekend is going to be fun 🙂  I can’t wait to see my nieces and nephews.  I love them to bunches!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter too!



Almost Easter!

helping ...hmmm

helping …hmmm

It is so gorgeous out today!  My tulips are now on the sill waiting to see them sprout!  I should have put them in the cold earlier obviously, but oh well, better late than never!

I am hoping to get the pelt ready this weekend, by lining the back and bottom of it with garbage bags stapled in place, and then have the dirt put in, so as each group of flowers grow, I can just move them on over to their place in the pelt.

I am also hoping to get some red wood chips.. about six big bags, and the dirt for the veggies.  My mom got me a nice deep pot to put the tomatoes in.  They are nearly ready to want out now, so they need to slow down!!!  The peppers are growing at a perfect rate for May 24 weekend.

Not doing anything wrong.. stop watching me

Not doing anything wrong.. stop watching me

This weekend is Easter… which seems weird, bc the weekend starts in March.  We are going out to my dad and Lois’ on the Saturday to see my other nephew and two nieces, then on Sunday, we will be going over to my mom’s for dinner there.

This Monday, I am going over to my sister’s place for the night, to have a girls hangout with her and Carrie her neighbor.  Then on Wed., I will be going to see my family doctor.  I am getting her to fill out some forms for disability, that will reimburse me for the gas my mom or Grams uses to get me to appointments.  Will be nice to help out more with that.

but I'm the baby!

but I’m the baby!

Mom and I went swimming last night.  I went into the main pool which literally was empty for a while.  All the kids were in the therapeutic pool.  My mom came over to where I was, bc it was too crazy busy in there, and no where for her to sit and relax.  Once some of the people left, and came over to the regular pool, I went back over with her to use the jets.  Very nice and relaxing!

Today I am working on finishing up the baby blanket, and doing my Spring Cleaning, in the hallway.  Isn’t a lot to do there, but wash the walls, base boards, and take all the family/friend pictures off and cleaning them all down too.  I am doing one room a week.  Next week, it will be the sewing room.  Not a big room, but a lot of crap in there to clean, and move around.

Puffy wrists.  I need two of these.

Puffy wrists. I need two of these.

Just finished reading The Melt Method.  She was on Dr. Oz, using movements (not exercises) on a roller and soft hand sized ball to stimulate and regulate the Autonomic Nervous System.. which interested me, since that is where my health problems primarily lie.  So I am going to try doing some of these exercises since it is also supposed to help with chronic pain, and sleeping, etc.  I will still do my dancing, swimming, yoga or whatever else I enjoy work out wise, but I’m going to incorporate hers, three times a week.  You can find her book titled, The Melt Method.  It’s so interesting!

Okay, since I killed my back cleaning, I am going to rest for a while.

Take Care


PS Did you guys/ gals turn your lights out last night?  I read by candle light from 8:30-9:30pm.

What is Mother Nature Up To???

tumblr_m9in0kWW501rd90b3o1_250It went from a nice 10 degrees to -17 over night it feels like.  I love Winter, but I hate when the weather flip flops so drastically… and bc it has… I now have another cold!  WTF???  I honestly am not sure now how many times I have gotten sick this season alone, bc it’s been so many times.  I think around five or six… that’s insane, even for my crappy immune system!

So mom, Grams, and I went swimming at the Bulls arena or Wally Denver Arena, in their new complex out back.  It has a little kid pool… apparently you can’t go in without a kid.. booo lol.  And a main pool, and a hot tub/ therapy pool.  There was a class in the therapy pool, so we swam lots in the regular pool, then spent the last half hour in the other.  It was nice, but at first I thought there would be no way with my Dysautonomia that I’d be able to handle the heat.. I can’t even take baths!  The water did get better, though it would be impossible to swim in.  I prefer the regular pool 🙂

mar13 003Yesterday, they took my to the Hotel Dieu and I got my stomach ultrasound done.  It was really quick.  We were leaving the parking lot two minutes before my appointment was to begin!  So they are fast hehe.  At first, the technician couldn’t find my Gallbladder… she asked if I had it removed, of course I said no, that, that is the area the GI’s think may be causing all the pain, so she had to have me all twisted to find it, then double check with the doctor that the images she could get would be good.  I’m calling my GI’s in a week bc she said that’s how long it takes to get the results back.

mar13 005Then we ate at the Jiffy Grill, and I had a gross wrap which I ate for dinner too with soup.  Lol, but still I like the restaurant.  And we got home making great timing!

I woke up before 3am this morning sick than a dog.  I don’t know why, but my stomach was NOT happy with me.  I just relaxed and sipped water until 6am and then fell back asleep until after 10am.

Yesterday before we left, Pat my sub Personal Support Worker came and we caught up on everything.  She always does such a nice just when she’s here too.

Pauper Cards I ordered back around Christmas just came in!

Pauper Cards I ordered back around Christmas just came in!

Now I have a couple loads of sheets I have to go wash, and hope I can get that done before my cold becomes full blown.  My dad and Lois want us to come to their place in a couple weeks for Easter, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal by then to go 🙂

Next week the forced growing tulips come out of the cold dark to a nice sunny windowsill, and I am going to my family doctor to fill out some disability forms for me.

Take Care!


A Little Late Not Paying Attention

The last post was written quite a while ago, but I must have no thought to hit publish, so when I went to write an entry, I realized it was missing lol.

mar8I finished my second rug hooking project.  The first was a dog, this one a cat.  There were other kits at Michaels I liked a lot more, but was not willing to pay the money for them.  It’s also impossible to find rug hook canvas around here!  You have to get the whole kit if you want to do one.  Zeus was constantly laying on this one even trying to get on it while I was working on it!

This week went well.  My poor Personal Support Worker Lilian, got a cut in her hand, then went swimming at a hotel pool, and it got badly infected and ballooned twice the size.  So she couldn’t make it out this week.  Next week I’ll have Pat who usually takes over the off shift Lilian misses.  I really like her.  She’ll be done literally as I’m running out the door for my Crohn’s Disease tests in Kingston.  My mom was bugging me last night about being cranky like her when I’m hungry.  So this should be interesting with no food or water! Blah!

I have started the baby blanket.  I put on over 100 stitches last night, then realized I didn’t have the right amount for the pattern, so I had to rip it all out… then I did it again, this time with too many stitches for the pattern… third time’s a charm, and I finally got the damn thing going now! Lol.  I think it’ll look cute, if I can ever finish it!

August sleeping on the back of the chair with her little bum in the air!

August sleeping on the back of the chair with her little bum in the air!

Was out cleaning up garbage out of the yard this evening (my garbage got torn apart weeks ago during that big snow storm, and I’ve been going out and collecting more and more of it as the snow melts)  and I noticed my Snow in the Summer is still going strong, the Astra is starting to pop its leaves, and some of the bulbs I planted in the Fall are starting to sprout up.  I also saw a ton of areas where the damn squirrels were digging them up too!  *shakes fist*  That was with a ton of garlic too.

I’m really happy with how ALL of my outdoor garden areas look.  Except for adding some more red wood chips, there is not a thing I would change!  Nicole, my bud, is giving me some clippings to put under the stairs to fill that little space up (yay :))  So now I want to work on my indoor garden.  I have four great windows for planting, also Zeus loving too, so I technically only have two that he doesn’t go in and dump the plants off to make room for his dieting body lol.  So looking at Nicole’s pic.s, I love her window garden, with the different shelves in the window so there’s tons of space to put more flowers to grow!  Which would be great over the winter time as well.  Right now, I’m stuck doing my veggies first, then beginning in sections, the flowers for my pallet project.  So Nicole, expect lots of questions on how you did that! hehe.

Zeus is still exercising!

Zeus is still exercising!

I am reading the book that was shown on Dr. Oz, Salt Sugar Fat.  It basically is a history book for the food market, and how food/drink companies use different methods to make us the consumers, become addicted to their product of food, and how unhealthy these foods truly are.  It’s really interesting, but very text book like, so it’s taking me longer than usual to read it.

I’m also started on a new show.  Lost… obviously it’s done and over with, so not new, except to me.  My aunt has always loved it, and then my sister and Nick too fell in love with the show, so I finally decided to give it a shot.  So far I’m liking it a lot!

I had an awesome visit with Amy, my Social Service Worker’s prior student, who came to help me work on my Portfolio class.  I know feel like I can confidentially for forward, and have some ideas on what to add a personal touch with, and what exactly they’re looking for course wise.  When I get paid next, I have some supplies to get for it, and then I can get on with putting it all together 🙂  All my major papers for the class are finished.  Now I have to add the rest to it, which is mostly personal details.

Started to watch the mini series The Bible on the History Channel.  I am not a religious person, and to be honest, would fall asleep… literally every time I tried to read the bible.  It was too confusing to me, and made me lose interest too quickly.  So what I like about this show, it is going in sequence and showing in literal terms what the stories in the bible display.  It’s interesting and making a lot of sense out of stories I had heard bits and pieces of before.

Tomorrow I am heading over to check out the washer dryer sets finally, since I was too sick from over doing the exercising when I was supposed to go last time, and then go to mom’s for dinner, and possibly a swim.

Take Care!


March Begins!

I noticed some sprouting on my peppers finally!  I hope most of them grow bc I need at least 8 good plants to put in the Topsy Turvy Planter.  Mom and I went to Canadian Tire the other day for me to get some dirt that was on sale, and some Jiffy Pot Refills.  I was looking for a tall Shepard’s hook, but so far they haven’t got them in.  I also got a bunch of seeds for doing my Pallet garden, and for some hanging plants.

Sweet William

Black Eyed Susan






and some more Forget Me Not

Once the Spring hits and it’s warm enough to bring my veggies outside, then I will start these new seeds either in my greenhouse outside or in the window sill.

My tulips that I wanted to force grow over Winter will be taken out of the cold dark of the front room to a window sill in a couple weeks.  Excited to see if it will work 🙂

Zeus playing fetch with his mice

Zeus playing fetch with his mice

I got my grocery shopping done and now am completely broke with $5 to spare until April lol.  Should be okay though.  All the major necessities are gotten like cat food, litter, my food, bills, garbage tags, etc.  I’m all set for the month.

This week, I am having Lilian over Wed. morning, as well as housing to check the fire alarm.  Then I have a Social Service Worker student Amy coming over that evening to visit and work on my Prior Learning Assessment portfolio with me.  I also have to get up to mom’s at some point and do my laundry.  Maybe tomorrow!

with his basket of toys deciding if he's too tired or not to keep playing

with his basket of toys deciding if he’s too tired or not to keep playing

Next Wed. I will be finally going into get my tests done for my stomach.  An ultrasound and a CT Scan.  Both easy, so I just want to get it done and over with!

Working on my latest rug hugging purchase, which will be a mini cat.  Will take pic.s when I finish it.  Then I can finally work on a boy’s baby blanket for my niece Jessica’s baby.  Finally found the wool I want to use for it, so now I just have to get knitting!

And this Friday I have the student coming over to hang out.

watching Youtube lol

watching Youtube lol

Dad and Lois came up last weekend and took Amanda, Nick and I out for lunch.  It was nice to see them 🙂


PS as per pictures… Zeus is exercising every night with me.  Either with his hanging toys, strings, mice, or laser toy.  I am dancing and doing yoga 🙂