March Begins!

I noticed some sprouting on my peppers finally!  I hope most of them grow bc I need at least 8 good plants to put in the Topsy Turvy Planter.  Mom and I went to Canadian Tire the other day for me to get some dirt that was on sale, and some Jiffy Pot Refills.  I was looking for a tall Shepard’s hook, but so far they haven’t got them in.  I also got a bunch of seeds for doing my Pallet garden, and for some hanging plants.

Sweet William

Black Eyed Susan






and some more Forget Me Not

Once the Spring hits and it’s warm enough to bring my veggies outside, then I will start these new seeds either in my greenhouse outside or in the window sill.

My tulips that I wanted to force grow over Winter will be taken out of the cold dark of the front room to a window sill in a couple weeks.  Excited to see if it will work 🙂

Zeus playing fetch with his mice

Zeus playing fetch with his mice

I got my grocery shopping done and now am completely broke with $5 to spare until April lol.  Should be okay though.  All the major necessities are gotten like cat food, litter, my food, bills, garbage tags, etc.  I’m all set for the month.

This week, I am having Lilian over Wed. morning, as well as housing to check the fire alarm.  Then I have a Social Service Worker student Amy coming over that evening to visit and work on my Prior Learning Assessment portfolio with me.  I also have to get up to mom’s at some point and do my laundry.  Maybe tomorrow!

with his basket of toys deciding if he's too tired or not to keep playing

with his basket of toys deciding if he’s too tired or not to keep playing

Next Wed. I will be finally going into get my tests done for my stomach.  An ultrasound and a CT Scan.  Both easy, so I just want to get it done and over with!

Working on my latest rug hugging purchase, which will be a mini cat.  Will take pic.s when I finish it.  Then I can finally work on a boy’s baby blanket for my niece Jessica’s baby.  Finally found the wool I want to use for it, so now I just have to get knitting!

And this Friday I have the student coming over to hang out.

watching Youtube lol

watching Youtube lol

Dad and Lois came up last weekend and took Amanda, Nick and I out for lunch.  It was nice to see them 🙂


PS as per pictures… Zeus is exercising every night with me.  Either with his hanging toys, strings, mice, or laser toy.  I am dancing and doing yoga 🙂


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