A Little Late Not Paying Attention

The last post was written quite a while ago, but I must have no thought to hit publish, so when I went to write an entry, I realized it was missing lol.

mar8I finished my second rug hooking project.  The first was a dog, this one a cat.  There were other kits at Michaels I liked a lot more, but was not willing to pay the money for them.  It’s also impossible to find rug hook canvas around here!  You have to get the whole kit if you want to do one.  Zeus was constantly laying on this one even trying to get on it while I was working on it!

This week went well.  My poor Personal Support Worker Lilian, got a cut in her hand, then went swimming at a hotel pool, and it got badly infected and ballooned twice the size.  So she couldn’t make it out this week.  Next week I’ll have Pat who usually takes over the off shift Lilian misses.  I really like her.  She’ll be done literally as I’m running out the door for my Crohn’s Disease tests in Kingston.  My mom was bugging me last night about being cranky like her when I’m hungry.  So this should be interesting with no food or water! Blah!

I have started the baby blanket.  I put on over 100 stitches last night, then realized I didn’t have the right amount for the pattern, so I had to rip it all out… then I did it again, this time with too many stitches for the pattern… third time’s a charm, and I finally got the damn thing going now! Lol.  I think it’ll look cute, if I can ever finish it!

August sleeping on the back of the chair with her little bum in the air!

August sleeping on the back of the chair with her little bum in the air!

Was out cleaning up garbage out of the yard this evening (my garbage got torn apart weeks ago during that big snow storm, and I’ve been going out and collecting more and more of it as the snow melts)  and I noticed my Snow in the Summer is still going strong, the Astra is starting to pop its leaves, and some of the bulbs I planted in the Fall are starting to sprout up.  I also saw a ton of areas where the damn squirrels were digging them up too!  *shakes fist*  That was with a ton of garlic too.

I’m really happy with how ALL of my outdoor garden areas look.  Except for adding some more red wood chips, there is not a thing I would change!  Nicole, my bud, is giving me some clippings to put under the stairs to fill that little space up (yay :))  So now I want to work on my indoor garden.  I have four great windows for planting, also Zeus loving too, so I technically only have two that he doesn’t go in and dump the plants off to make room for his dieting body lol.  So looking at Nicole’s pic.s, I love her window garden, with the different shelves in the window so there’s tons of space to put more flowers to grow!  Which would be great over the winter time as well.  Right now, I’m stuck doing my veggies first, then beginning in sections, the flowers for my pallet project.  So Nicole, expect lots of questions on how you did that! hehe.

Zeus is still exercising!

Zeus is still exercising!

I am reading the book that was shown on Dr. Oz, Salt Sugar Fat.  It basically is a history book for the food market, and how food/drink companies use different methods to make us the consumers, become addicted to their product of food, and how unhealthy these foods truly are.  It’s really interesting, but very text book like, so it’s taking me longer than usual to read it.

I’m also started on a new show.  Lost… obviously it’s done and over with, so not new, except to me.  My aunt has always loved it, and then my sister and Nick too fell in love with the show, so I finally decided to give it a shot.  So far I’m liking it a lot!

I had an awesome visit with Amy, my Social Service Worker’s prior student, who came to help me work on my Portfolio class.  I know feel like I can confidentially for forward, and have some ideas on what to add a personal touch with, and what exactly they’re looking for course wise.  When I get paid next, I have some supplies to get for it, and then I can get on with putting it all together 🙂  All my major papers for the class are finished.  Now I have to add the rest to it, which is mostly personal details.

Started to watch the mini series The Bible on the History Channel.  I am not a religious person, and to be honest, would fall asleep… literally every time I tried to read the bible.  It was too confusing to me, and made me lose interest too quickly.  So what I like about this show, it is going in sequence and showing in literal terms what the stories in the bible display.  It’s interesting and making a lot of sense out of stories I had heard bits and pieces of before.

Tomorrow I am heading over to check out the washer dryer sets finally, since I was too sick from over doing the exercising when I was supposed to go last time, and then go to mom’s for dinner, and possibly a swim.

Take Care!



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