What is Mother Nature Up To???

tumblr_m9in0kWW501rd90b3o1_250It went from a nice 10 degrees to -17 over night it feels like.  I love Winter, but I hate when the weather flip flops so drastically… and bc it has… I now have another cold!  WTF???  I honestly am not sure now how many times I have gotten sick this season alone, bc it’s been so many times.  I think around five or six… that’s insane, even for my crappy immune system!

So mom, Grams, and I went swimming at the Bulls arena or Wally Denver Arena, in their new complex out back.  It has a little kid pool… apparently you can’t go in without a kid.. booo lol.  And a main pool, and a hot tub/ therapy pool.  There was a class in the therapy pool, so we swam lots in the regular pool, then spent the last half hour in the other.  It was nice, but at first I thought there would be no way with my Dysautonomia that I’d be able to handle the heat.. I can’t even take baths!  The water did get better, though it would be impossible to swim in.  I prefer the regular pool 🙂

mar13 003Yesterday, they took my to the Hotel Dieu and I got my stomach ultrasound done.  It was really quick.  We were leaving the parking lot two minutes before my appointment was to begin!  So they are fast hehe.  At first, the technician couldn’t find my Gallbladder… she asked if I had it removed, of course I said no, that, that is the area the GI’s think may be causing all the pain, so she had to have me all twisted to find it, then double check with the doctor that the images she could get would be good.  I’m calling my GI’s in a week bc she said that’s how long it takes to get the results back.

mar13 005Then we ate at the Jiffy Grill, and I had a gross wrap which I ate for dinner too with soup.  Lol, but still I like the restaurant.  And we got home making great timing!

I woke up before 3am this morning sick than a dog.  I don’t know why, but my stomach was NOT happy with me.  I just relaxed and sipped water until 6am and then fell back asleep until after 10am.

Yesterday before we left, Pat my sub Personal Support Worker came and we caught up on everything.  She always does such a nice just when she’s here too.

Pauper Cards I ordered back around Christmas just came in!

Pauper Cards I ordered back around Christmas just came in!

Now I have a couple loads of sheets I have to go wash, and hope I can get that done before my cold becomes full blown.  My dad and Lois want us to come to their place in a couple weeks for Easter, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal by then to go 🙂

Next week the forced growing tulips come out of the cold dark to a nice sunny windowsill, and I am going to my family doctor to fill out some disability forms for me.

Take Care!



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