Almost Easter!

helping ...hmmm

helping …hmmm

It is so gorgeous out today!  My tulips are now on the sill waiting to see them sprout!  I should have put them in the cold earlier obviously, but oh well, better late than never!

I am hoping to get the pelt ready this weekend, by lining the back and bottom of it with garbage bags stapled in place, and then have the dirt put in, so as each group of flowers grow, I can just move them on over to their place in the pelt.

I am also hoping to get some red wood chips.. about six big bags, and the dirt for the veggies.  My mom got me a nice deep pot to put the tomatoes in.  They are nearly ready to want out now, so they need to slow down!!!  The peppers are growing at a perfect rate for May 24 weekend.

Not doing anything wrong.. stop watching me

Not doing anything wrong.. stop watching me

This weekend is Easter… which seems weird, bc the weekend starts in March.  We are going out to my dad and Lois’ on the Saturday to see my other nephew and two nieces, then on Sunday, we will be going over to my mom’s for dinner there.

This Monday, I am going over to my sister’s place for the night, to have a girls hangout with her and Carrie her neighbor.  Then on Wed., I will be going to see my family doctor.  I am getting her to fill out some forms for disability, that will reimburse me for the gas my mom or Grams uses to get me to appointments.  Will be nice to help out more with that.

but I'm the baby!

but I’m the baby!

Mom and I went swimming last night.  I went into the main pool which literally was empty for a while.  All the kids were in the therapeutic pool.  My mom came over to where I was, bc it was too crazy busy in there, and no where for her to sit and relax.  Once some of the people left, and came over to the regular pool, I went back over with her to use the jets.  Very nice and relaxing!

Today I am working on finishing up the baby blanket, and doing my Spring Cleaning, in the hallway.  Isn’t a lot to do there, but wash the walls, base boards, and take all the family/friend pictures off and cleaning them all down too.  I am doing one room a week.  Next week, it will be the sewing room.  Not a big room, but a lot of crap in there to clean, and move around.

Puffy wrists.  I need two of these.

Puffy wrists. I need two of these.

Just finished reading The Melt Method.  She was on Dr. Oz, using movements (not exercises) on a roller and soft hand sized ball to stimulate and regulate the Autonomic Nervous System.. which interested me, since that is where my health problems primarily lie.  So I am going to try doing some of these exercises since it is also supposed to help with chronic pain, and sleeping, etc.  I will still do my dancing, swimming, yoga or whatever else I enjoy work out wise, but I’m going to incorporate hers, three times a week.  You can find her book titled, The Melt Method.  It’s so interesting!

Okay, since I killed my back cleaning, I am going to rest for a while.

Take Care


PS Did you guys/ gals turn your lights out last night?  I read by candle light from 8:30-9:30pm.


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