First Flower Of the Season!

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apr23 002After talking to Nicole today and her showing me pictures of all her garden beds, etc. I am even MORE pumped for my flowers!  Enough of this snow, rain, snow, freezing rain… I want SUN!

I did take a few pictures this evening… and only a few before my camera battery died again lol.  I will have to look into replacing it.  Speaking of tech issues… my Kobo which is just a little over a year old I think has been causing me problems too.  I did a factory reset and so far so good, but it’s too new to be causing issues already!

I missed The Healthy Living Expo.  Boo to Crohn’s disease and Gallstones.  Not a huge deal, but I was really excited about going and seeing a gardener speaker from CBC radio.

apr23 001I was also to go to the YMCA with my Personal Support Worker, and had to cancel that as well!  There will be other times this Summer for that though.  I was finally able to go swimming after two weeks though last night!  It felt great, and man was I sore earlier today hehe.

I am out of books to read, so I borrowed the new Dr. Phil book… can’t remember what it’s called.  Not a huge fan of his, but I respect the guy, so I figure I can at least get through it lol.

apr23 003Been having my Zeus out lots lately the last few days 🙂  He loves it outside!  Drives me nuts after a while though… lol

This weekend is my oldest niece, Jess’ baby shower.  I’m so excited to go and see her and more family there.  I will have to bring my camera… for the few pictures I can hopefully get!

mini tomatoes on the left... and carnations on the right

mini tomatoes on the left… and carnations on the right

I’ve got no more appointments until later next month for my colonscopy.  As much as I am dreading it, I am looking forward to getting it done and over with so we can come up with a plan.  I am almost through my Tylenol 3‘s and I don’t want to have to ask for any more.  I don’t take them every day, but when I do I take 2 at a time usually so 30 doesn’t last long.  Especially when as of the last few weeks, I’ve been having attacks almost every day!

Just wanted to check in even though nothing exciting is happening right now.  Will try to write again next week.

Take Care!


My Hair!

apr14 001Well I am going to attempt to write today bc I want to keep up with this thing, but I warn you all ahead of time it may not make sense at all.  I’m having a really rough day today.

Last Wed.  I went with Amanda, Carrie and Steffi to see Evil Dead.  Amanda fell asleep part way through it lol.  It wasn’t scary to me, but it was so damn gory!  It wouldn’t have bothered me at home, but on a movie theater screen it’s all in your face up close and personal.  Me and Carrie were smooshed back in our seats making sarcastic comments in between freaking out loud about how gross it would get.  Overall… good movie!  Kept you wanting to watch it to see what was going to happen… unless you were my sister lol.  I wouldn’t say it was scary, but it might be to some if you don’t watch a lot of horror movies.  We had a lot of fun regardless 🙂  The first part of the movie we spent filling our faces with food, and the other parts wishing we hadn’t ate so much lol.

I made Carrie some of my homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies bc she cut my hair for me 🙂  It has a bunch of choppy layers starting just below my shoulders to my chin.  Steffi straightened my hair for me and it looks really good and nice to not have so much hair to deal with!  Washing and brushing it now is a breeze.  It’s crazy fluffy though when I don’t do anything to it, and it curls like crazy when I wash it and leave it alone.  I think I’ll have to start actually doing something to my hair on days I go out, but it’ll still take less time than the brushing alone would have before!

So I keep getting woken up around 3-4am to this horrible gut rot feeling.  Like you get drinking pop or coffee on an empty stomach… hence why I don’t drink pop anymore.  Bananas weirdly do this to me too lol.  ANYWAYS… the pain gets so bad I get up take my stomach medicine for it, and then within an hour the pain is so bad I take a Tylenol 3.  And by around 5am I am usually able to go back to sleep.  So I decided last night to use my stupid bed wedge to prop myself up in bed and I slept right through the night!  I actually slept right through until 3pm lol.  By then I was scooched right down to the bottom and sleeping on my bed again (I must hate it in my sleep too lol)  I was so exhausted from not sleeping right, that I must have needed the extra, but it has kicked my ASS today!

apr14 002Zeus has been having a rough first half of the day too.. or errr afternoon and was having troubles going to the washroom poor guy bc he won’t leave me sick in my bed alone!  What a dear!  So when I finally got up and was so dizzy I was trying not to pass out, and get my medicine into me, Zeus was screaming and running back and forth to the bathroom.  Since I ate I feel a bit better weakness wise, but there is no way anything will get accomplished unless it involves me sitting down the entire time lol.  I’m so damn dizzy and my Crohn’s Disease is wracking havoc on me since I haven’t taken the Tylenol 3’s, and all I want to do is pass out on the floor every time I get up.  YAY!

Tomorrow is Miss Carrey’s birthday, and I want to go swimming with my mom earlier when she goes to her therapy class, but if I feel anything like I do right now, there is NO WAY that is going to happen.

Wed. after my PSW Lilian is done here, her and I are going to go up to the YMCA if I’m well enough, and exercise for a bit.  I really want to go, and she can get me in on a free pass for being her guest, so it should be good.

I also need to contact my family doctor and hope I can sneak a couple requests through her secretary who is scary, without having to make and wait for another appointment with her.

My normal exercising is crashing huge.  I’m finding it very difficult to do a lot of them with me in so much pain and being so weak, but I am trying to at least keep up with swimming and doing The Melt Method since it actually helps ease the pain and doesn’t take a lot of actual effort to do.

We had a crazy icy storm the other day, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be as high as 17!!!  I really hope it’s going to be more Spring like from now on… I totally just jinxed myself lol.  Going to go read The Perks Of Being A WallflowerWhat the Hell is a wallflower anyway?

Want to go to the Healthy Living Expo this weekend too!  So excited to see some of the speakers!  So you obviously can see why some of you have not been answered on the comments end bc I’m not exactly in my right mind to be answering anything LOL.  Soon though!



100_1580I can see some of my Spring bulbs popping out!  My Iris is slowing rising, and some of the other ones I just got on a whim at the Dollar Store.  Of course my damn Tulips don’t look like anything… except that the squirrels got into them I fear 😦

I laid out all six bags of mulch.  I JUST barely had enough!  Last year at this time, I remember passing out in the driveway after only doing three bags of mulch.  This year I did double that and was fine… well I was sweating and panting like a pig on crack, but I didn’t pass out!  Wahoo!  Just goes to show what progress I have made in the last year 🙂

mar28 012Yesterday I went swimming.  I had the main pool all to myself!  There were some other people in the lanes, and my mom’s group in the therapy pool too.  The last ten minutes I took to sneak over to the therapy pool and relax there before showering and getting ready to go.  I want to go at least three times a month if I can.  My mom has a class every week, and so far the main pool has always been open for use during when she is there, so I can just hitch a ride with her and do my own thing.

100_1567Today I spent reading and watching Lost.  I also did my spare craft room for my Spring Cleaning room for the week.  It was more dusting than anything else bc of my big bookshelf and comic book stand which collects dust like crazy.  I also moved the old tv stand and tv into there and moved the little side table that was in the craft room, out by the window in the living room.  So now I can at least watch movies or listen to music when I’m working in there.

Tomorrow I am going out with my sis and Carrie to see the new Evil Dead movie.  I have seen the old one, but I’ve never been in my right mind watching it to actually know what happens in it, so this should be interesting seeing it sober lol.  Carrie went to school for hairdressing, so she is going to be cutting my hair for me too!  Can’t wait to get rid of this crazy mess of knots!

Anyone in the area hear the thunder and lightening last night?  I had just gotten into bed and saw a light flash, figuring it must have been a car driving by or something until the thunder started and Zeus cuddled up tight.  It didn’t bother him too badly though compared to normal.  I don’t think he could hear it properly over him purring so loud 🙂

Tomorrow I also have my PSW coming in, and my mom is supposed to be running me over to the clinic to get some blood work done for the GI’s.

I’m going to spend the rest of the night trying to get things ready for tomorrow and do a little special baking!

Take Care!


PS My dad just called… asked me a very dumb man question… he wanted to know what year I was born.  So I asked an appropriate question as a response.  “What year do you THINK I was born???”  Which he laughed and guessed 1983.  WRONG!  He’s lucky I’m in a good mood or else he’d be in the dog house.  Pretty sure he knows that too.  Lucky Newfie!  And it’s 1982 dammit…

Spring? Is That You?

Zeus helping me pack.

Zeus helping me pack.

I’m seriously needing to garden.  Last year at this time, I had all my weeding and mulching done and was ready to go… this year there’s still snow in the forecast!  I just want it to be not so bloody bitter cold out!

I went to Amanda’s and Nick’s last Monday for the night.  We had yummy wraps and danced to all the Just Dance Wii games we had for four hours straight with Carrie and Emily!  It was a lot of fun though.  Then we ordered pizza and watched some tv and I fell asleep with Sookie on the couch.  She’s a good dog to snuggle with 🙂

100_1533I went to my new GI here in Belleville on Friday morning.  He thinks that maybe it’s my Crohn’s Disease acting up my Gallstones.  He wants to do a colons copy on me in May to determine how my body is taking to being sick while being on my Crohn’s med.s which normally isn’t the case when I get sick.  If I am having a relapse… then it is onto a new course of med.s for me to try since I will be done with the class I am on now.  The only worry with that, is the horrible things that can happen… and have happened to my sister when she was on them.  But I am waiting to see how things pan out first before I worry about any of that.  The Gallstones will be dealt with after.  If they are still causing the pain, since they are very common with Crohn’s patients and with my medicine, then the whole thing will be removed… which I would prefer.  He even gave me a prescription for Prednisone for in case I go into full blown Crohn’s relapse, then I won’t have to probably go to a hospital.  I like him a lot.

100_1549I was at mom’s the rest of the day doing laundry.  Nick came by later and was playing The Walking Dead game on his Ipad, and I had a dream last night I was in college being chased with my friends by a bunch of zombies lol.

When I got home last night, Susan my Social Service Worker’s student Alyssa had dropped me off a book about Jaycee Dugard.  The girl who was kidnapped for years.  It’s really good so far, but very sad too.  As well as a whack load of stuff from Susan.  Nail polishes, creams, sandals, shower puffs, emery boards, etc. as well as a big nail buffing machine which also dries you nails, etc.  So excited to try it!

100_1558Today I was able to get six bags of the red cedar mulch and two bags of potting soil.  It’s all stacked in the front room.  Once it stops showing snow on the weather forecast, I’ll get out there and slowly start redoing the garden beds with it.  I took my deck furniture out today.

Going to have dinner now that it’s ready and watch the rest of the new remake of Total Recall.

Have a great weekend!


Easter Weekend

apr1 003I had such a great, spoiled Easter!  I hope you all did too!  Saturday, Nick and got picked up by dad and got to see my beautiful nieces, my uncle Howard and Patty, and my step bros.  It was so beautiful out back on their deck, I actually got a sun burn on my face! lol.  The chickadees were liking me a lot too and kept fluttering about my head.  I was able to bring home my table runner and purse dad and Lois got us in the States made from a woman in Africa who comes to sell her stuff there.

apr1 004My oldest nephew Travis didn’t come bc he was at another family dinner, but I did get to feel the baby kick in Jess’ belly 🙂  Totally melted my heart!  Can’t wait to meet the little guy 🙂

Yesterday I went up to mom’s early and wrote out an evaluation for my SSW student Alissa, and then Carrie, Emily, Amanda and Nick came up for dinner.  It was fun getting to see them open their gifts, and I got a gnome on a motorcycle from my Grams, and a really funky snail watering can from my mom 🙂  And of course yummy food!!!!

I’m packing up for Amanda and Nick’s for the night.  I told Nick, he better make me a yummy dinner! lol, and Amanda and Carrie and I are going to stay up to watch Shameless and dance around the living room lol.  It’ll be fun 🙂

apr1 005Wed. I have my PSW as usual, and the housing guy coming to check the alarms, and my appointment later in the week with the new GI.  I’m going to call my family doctor, and have her fax the Gallstone info. over to him so he has it by the time I see him.  Hopefully I won’t have more tests for that and we can just get on with it!

apr1 002I took some pictures of Zeus bc I was hand washing my one wool sweater I have, and I hang it in the bathroom with a towel under the rack to catch any dripping water, and I found him sleeping on the towel in there lol.

Other than that, I have my one room to do for the Spring cleaning chore, and laundry to catch up on.  Also going out on Thursday with my mom to go garden shopping!  Hopefully they’ll have the red mulch by then!

Take Care!