Easter Weekend

apr1 003I had such a great, spoiled Easter!  I hope you all did too!  Saturday, Nick and got picked up by dad and got to see my beautiful nieces, my uncle Howard and Patty, and my step bros.  It was so beautiful out back on their deck, I actually got a sun burn on my face! lol.  The chickadees were liking me a lot too and kept fluttering about my head.  I was able to bring home my table runner and purse dad and Lois got us in the States made from a woman in Africa who comes to sell her stuff there.

apr1 004My oldest nephew Travis didn’t come bc he was at another family dinner, but I did get to feel the baby kick in Jess’ belly 🙂  Totally melted my heart!  Can’t wait to meet the little guy 🙂

Yesterday I went up to mom’s early and wrote out an evaluation for my SSW student Alissa, and then Carrie, Emily, Amanda and Nick came up for dinner.  It was fun getting to see them open their gifts, and I got a gnome on a motorcycle from my Grams, and a really funky snail watering can from my mom 🙂  And of course yummy food!!!!

I’m packing up for Amanda and Nick’s for the night.  I told Nick, he better make me a yummy dinner! lol, and Amanda and Carrie and I are going to stay up to watch Shameless and dance around the living room lol.  It’ll be fun 🙂

apr1 005Wed. I have my PSW as usual, and the housing guy coming to check the alarms, and my appointment later in the week with the new GI.  I’m going to call my family doctor, and have her fax the Gallstone info. over to him so he has it by the time I see him.  Hopefully I won’t have more tests for that and we can just get on with it!

apr1 002I took some pictures of Zeus bc I was hand washing my one wool sweater I have, and I hang it in the bathroom with a towel under the rack to catch any dripping water, and I found him sleeping on the towel in there lol.

Other than that, I have my one room to do for the Spring cleaning chore, and laundry to catch up on.  Also going out on Thursday with my mom to go garden shopping!  Hopefully they’ll have the red mulch by then!

Take Care!



One thought on “Easter Weekend

  1. Such awesome gifts, and it sounds like you had a ball with your family! I hope the appointments all go smoothly this week and that you can get the gallstone worries out of the way asap!
    Zeus and Buster are so alike! Buster is obsessed with laying on any towels he can reach. I love your drying rack, what a great idea. I have one big sweater that can’t go in the dryer, so I always end up hanging it by it’s hood off of a door.
    Hope you’re doing well! Have fun tonight!


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