Spring? Is That You?

Zeus helping me pack.

Zeus helping me pack.

I’m seriously needing to garden.  Last year at this time, I had all my weeding and mulching done and was ready to go… this year there’s still snow in the forecast!  I just want it to be not so bloody bitter cold out!

I went to Amanda’s and Nick’s last Monday for the night.  We had yummy wraps and danced to all the Just Dance Wii games we had for four hours straight with Carrie and Emily!  It was a lot of fun though.  Then we ordered pizza and watched some tv and I fell asleep with Sookie on the couch.  She’s a good dog to snuggle with 🙂

100_1533I went to my new GI here in Belleville on Friday morning.  He thinks that maybe it’s my Crohn’s Disease acting up my Gallstones.  He wants to do a colons copy on me in May to determine how my body is taking to being sick while being on my Crohn’s med.s which normally isn’t the case when I get sick.  If I am having a relapse… then it is onto a new course of med.s for me to try since I will be done with the class I am on now.  The only worry with that, is the horrible things that can happen… and have happened to my sister when she was on them.  But I am waiting to see how things pan out first before I worry about any of that.  The Gallstones will be dealt with after.  If they are still causing the pain, since they are very common with Crohn’s patients and with my medicine, then the whole thing will be removed… which I would prefer.  He even gave me a prescription for Prednisone for in case I go into full blown Crohn’s relapse, then I won’t have to probably go to a hospital.  I like him a lot.

100_1549I was at mom’s the rest of the day doing laundry.  Nick came by later and was playing The Walking Dead game on his Ipad, and I had a dream last night I was in college being chased with my friends by a bunch of zombies lol.

When I got home last night, Susan my Social Service Worker’s student Alyssa had dropped me off a book about Jaycee Dugard.  The girl who was kidnapped for years.  It’s really good so far, but very sad too.  As well as a whack load of stuff from Susan.  Nail polishes, creams, sandals, shower puffs, emery boards, etc. as well as a big nail buffing machine which also dries you nails, etc.  So excited to try it!

100_1558Today I was able to get six bags of the red cedar mulch and two bags of potting soil.  It’s all stacked in the front room.  Once it stops showing snow on the weather forecast, I’ll get out there and slowly start redoing the garden beds with it.  I took my deck furniture out today.

Going to have dinner now that it’s ready and watch the rest of the new remake of Total Recall.

Have a great weekend!


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