100_1580I can see some of my Spring bulbs popping out!  My Iris is slowing rising, and some of the other ones I just got on a whim at the Dollar Store.  Of course my damn Tulips don’t look like anything… except that the squirrels got into them I fear 😦

I laid out all six bags of mulch.  I JUST barely had enough!  Last year at this time, I remember passing out in the driveway after only doing three bags of mulch.  This year I did double that and was fine… well I was sweating and panting like a pig on crack, but I didn’t pass out!  Wahoo!  Just goes to show what progress I have made in the last year 🙂

mar28 012Yesterday I went swimming.  I had the main pool all to myself!  There were some other people in the lanes, and my mom’s group in the therapy pool too.  The last ten minutes I took to sneak over to the therapy pool and relax there before showering and getting ready to go.  I want to go at least three times a month if I can.  My mom has a class every week, and so far the main pool has always been open for use during when she is there, so I can just hitch a ride with her and do my own thing.

100_1567Today I spent reading and watching Lost.  I also did my spare craft room for my Spring Cleaning room for the week.  It was more dusting than anything else bc of my big bookshelf and comic book stand which collects dust like crazy.  I also moved the old tv stand and tv into there and moved the little side table that was in the craft room, out by the window in the living room.  So now I can at least watch movies or listen to music when I’m working in there.

Tomorrow I am going out with my sis and Carrie to see the new Evil Dead movie.  I have seen the old one, but I’ve never been in my right mind watching it to actually know what happens in it, so this should be interesting seeing it sober lol.  Carrie went to school for hairdressing, so she is going to be cutting my hair for me too!  Can’t wait to get rid of this crazy mess of knots!

Anyone in the area hear the thunder and lightening last night?  I had just gotten into bed and saw a light flash, figuring it must have been a car driving by or something until the thunder started and Zeus cuddled up tight.  It didn’t bother him too badly though compared to normal.  I don’t think he could hear it properly over him purring so loud 🙂

Tomorrow I also have my PSW coming in, and my mom is supposed to be running me over to the clinic to get some blood work done for the GI’s.

I’m going to spend the rest of the night trying to get things ready for tomorrow and do a little special baking!

Take Care!


PS My dad just called… asked me a very dumb man question… he wanted to know what year I was born.  So I asked an appropriate question as a response.  “What year do you THINK I was born???”  Which he laughed and guessed 1983.  WRONG!  He’s lucky I’m in a good mood or else he’d be in the dog house.  Pretty sure he knows that too.  Lucky Newfie!  And it’s 1982 dammit…


One thought on “Buds

  1. It’s so great to see you in such a happy mood – you can really tell; it leaps right off the screen 🙂
    Doesn’t Niles look fancy with his Spring haircut! I finally got outside and started looking for my tulips today too – so far I have a few poking up in one spot in the backyard, but sadly, not a single one of the expensive fancy ones out front is showing up – so I’m hoping for both of us that they’re just being slow.

    I love that you are finally noticing the progress you’ve made! It might be slow at times, but as long as it’s forward, who cares! So happy for you – garden pics!

    The pool sounds wonderful. Probably a nice way to relax and get a bit of exercise without upsetting your joints.

    I simply can’t get over Zeus and Buster’s similarities: Last night I was laying here listening to the rain and was surprised when I saw the first flash of lighting – but Buster came straight up to snuggle tightly against me and purr really loudly. Sadly Jenna didn’t have such a comfortable time with it – she panicked and struggled up the stairs so she could pant nauseating breath through our room until the storm passed.

    Glad to hear things are all going smoothly over there! Miss you!


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