apr23 002After talking to Nicole today and her showing me pictures of all her garden beds, etc. I am even MORE pumped for my flowers!  Enough of this snow, rain, snow, freezing rain… I want SUN!

I did take a few pictures this evening… and only a few before my camera battery died again lol.  I will have to look into replacing it.  Speaking of tech issues… my Kobo which is just a little over a year old I think has been causing me problems too.  I did a factory reset and so far so good, but it’s too new to be causing issues already!

I missed The Healthy Living Expo.  Boo to Crohn’s disease and Gallstones.  Not a huge deal, but I was really excited about going and seeing a gardener speaker from CBC radio.

apr23 001I was also to go to the YMCA with my Personal Support Worker, and had to cancel that as well!  There will be other times this Summer for that though.  I was finally able to go swimming after two weeks though last night!  It felt great, and man was I sore earlier today hehe.

I am out of books to read, so I borrowed the new Dr. Phil book… can’t remember what it’s called.  Not a huge fan of his, but I respect the guy, so I figure I can at least get through it lol.

apr23 003Been having my Zeus out lots lately the last few days 🙂  He loves it outside!  Drives me nuts after a while though… lol

This weekend is my oldest niece, Jess’ baby shower.  I’m so excited to go and see her and more family there.  I will have to bring my camera… for the few pictures I can hopefully get!

mini tomatoes on the left... and carnations on the right

mini tomatoes on the left… and carnations on the right

I’ve got no more appointments until later next month for my colonscopy.  As much as I am dreading it, I am looking forward to getting it done and over with so we can come up with a plan.  I am almost through my Tylenol 3‘s and I don’t want to have to ask for any more.  I don’t take them every day, but when I do I take 2 at a time usually so 30 doesn’t last long.  Especially when as of the last few weeks, I’ve been having attacks almost every day!

Just wanted to check in even though nothing exciting is happening right now.  Will try to write again next week.

Take Care!



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