Little Late

100_0006I wanted to write as soon as I could about my tests, but I’ve been busy and spending lots of time outside when I’ve been able to be home.  My niece Jess finally had Jase her BEAUTIFUL baby boy this morning around midnight 🙂  I want to meet him asap!  My sis, dad, mom and step mom have seen him now, but not ME! Lol.  I talked to her this morning on the phone though, so I could see how she was feeling.

My sister is in the hospital.  She went in bc she was in so much pain even the pain medicine she’s been given weren’t working.  We couldn’t understand what it was causing it, and why she was so exhausted.  At first we all thought one of her medicines, bc she’s on a lot that can make her sleepy, but with changing them around, etc.  that didn’t seem to be the case.  So on Tuesday, off she went to Kingston to get scans, and blood work, etc. done to try and untap this mystery she’s been dealing with!  If you’re someone who knows her, feel free to send her a private msg. on facebook, but not on her wall, since I think that should be up to her to post openly about to the web world.

001I’ve been in to see her with mom, Grams and Nick.  Mom’s been staying at Amanda’s place taking care of the lovely animals and Nick inbetween going in to see her.  She does seem a little better, but as of right now, there is still not any answers.  Hopefully the doctors figure this out asap so we can get her home and comfortable at home 🙂

So Sunday was absolutely hell lol.  I took the first prep that morning, and the second before dinner.  It was a lot easier to get down me.  It’s mostly mind over matter bc it doesn’t taste that bad.  I felt really terrible that night going to bed, almost fluish, but I made it through better than I thought. On Monday, mom got me to the hospital for 9:40am.  She dropped me off and I got lost and had to rely on another patient to help me find the day surgery area! Lol.  I’m used to Kingston’s hospitals bc I’ve been there enough for appointments, and even being an inpatient.  So finding Amanda was easy as pie… Belleville hospital was another thing altogether.  Like a damn maze in there!

100_0008Almost right away I got my IV put in, and went into the room for the scope.  The doctor said, “Goodnight Sweety,”  and I answered with a, “Yeah right!”  And the next thing I knew, I was back in the recovery room asking my nurse if it was over!  Lol.  I told the GI after that, that was the best scope yet lol.

Apparently I have narrowing of scar tissue in my upper bowel… where my Crohn’s normally flares, and I had some inflammation, but not enough to worry about.  He assumes my body was healing itself from the relapse!  That’s unheard of without Prednisone or something added to help it.  So I stay on Imuran thankfully not having to go on the scary med.s my sister had to be on before, which gave her a build up of too much protein in her legs making her unable to barely walk, and the Lupus after that!

As for the Gallbladder, bc I hadn’t had an attack in a couple weeks, he was hoping as my Crohn’s calms down, that, that means my Gallstones are too!  I was excited about that.  Mom stayed with me over night and I ended up having a 13 hour Gallbladder attack!!!  I couldn’t believe it and nothing was getting rid of the pain.  My friend, Nicole; convinced me to call the GI about it, and he had me come in asap to get blood work so he could see if maybe it’s my liver causing this, but it was SO busy, that my Gallbladder attack eventually stopped while I was there waiting! LOL.  So now I have to wait for the next one and hope it’s during the time I can get in and get blood work done.

100_0007It’s been so hot here.  My lettuce is sprouting up slowly, but surely, and my peppers look the same, but I’d say my tomato plant is dead 😦  Everywhere I go as GMO so it looks like I’m going to have to buy one of those plants instead.

Tomorrow morning there is a plant sale near by at a museum, and if the weather is good, I am going to walk over and try to find a nice plant to get my dad for Father’s Day.  Then he is coming in to pick up Nick and I, and we are staying at his place ’til Sunday.  It will be nice to get away for a while.  Plus I have the new, and last (tear) Sookie Stackhouse book to read.  I’m also planning on playing in his gardens and stealing some flowers or plants lol.

Yesterday I went to thee dentist.  I got a filling fixed that had fallen out, and another one at the top fixed from when the last dentist had done a root canal on it.  She shaped it better, so it will be easier to brush and floss between those teeth.

Gonna head out and pack for dad’s, and then have dinner, and go out and water the plants on the North side of the house.




100_0001I am freezing today!  I have been wearing a tank top, sweater, and a winter coat outside! LOL  Is it just me???

So today is Sunday.  I only get to eat Jello and chicken brother which tastes gross lol.  I can’t even have a coffee unless there’s no milk… which means no coffee until tomorrow after the scope.  In 15 minutes, I will drink my second of the two drinks and then I have done my damn part for the test in the morning lol.

100_0002Mom took me to return my vacuum yesterday.  It just stopped working for no reason.  They have to send it away somewhere local to be fixed since it’s still under warrantee.  I got a bunch of little plants there for $1-2 each.  I got an Oriental Poppy, Lily-of-the-Valley, Blue Elf, Salvia, two Lupins and a Gallardia Bremen.  They’re really small so I hope they’ll all grow.  I planted some in the Tulip garden, and the rest around the driveway side of the house.

My lettuce is coming up nicely, and my peppers seem okay.  I’m not too sure about my mini tomato plant though.  It’s looking a little rough, and not getting any bigger.  I was going to pick up a plant, but couldn’t find any that weren’t GMO.

100_0004Tomorrow is my scope, Tuesday I go to the dentist, Friday is grocery shopping, Saturday I am going to a plant sale at the Glanmore museum, and then going out to stay at my dad’s for the night.

I’m going to head out and relax and get that gross drink down me and try a nap out again.

Take Care.


Planting Time!

100_000222Wow!  We go from Spring, back to Winter weather, and now onto Summer in a month!  Today it’s supposed to be in the 30’s with the humidity which will be the hottest so far this year, so I broke out the window fan and have it cooling down the living room as I melt at the kitchen table writing to all of you.

Being in a very very old house, it makes for very little plugs!  So there are tons of extension cords to allow me to hook my fans, lamp, tv, etc. in.  It’s very frustrating.  Especially in the bedroom where there is only one plug in, and that is where the only phone line is.  So my big whopper of a fan sits in my dining room at night aimed at my bed.  I can’t complain though, even on the hottest of days, my place is usually colder than most until dinner time when the sun gets around the kitchen and living room side… then it’s sweltering!

This week has been a rollercoaster just like the weather.  My mom caught the flu… then I caught it from her, and so did my Grams, then my sister caught it from my Grams.  Now I think we’re all on the mends lol.  My mom was starting to show signs of catching it a second time, but it didn’t last.  I was annoyed bc Grams and I both get the flu shot every year, so we may still get sick, but not to the degree everyone else does.  Not this time!

moms1This weekend when we were doing better, mom, Grams and I went plant hunting.  We started at Lowe’s where I got two $2 plants.  Both Annuals which I’m usually totally against getting bc I hate that they don’t last outside, and I have too much going on indoors plant wise, to deal with more, but these two I couldn’t say no too.  I got a Polka Dot tropical, and a Purple Heart Setcreasea.  There was a woman about my age with her son in a stroller shopping too, and I looked down at him and noticed an iguana on his shirt!  Then I realized it wasn’t a picture, but a damn real iguana! Lol, so of course I had to ask if I could pet him bc he was too neat looking and so well behaved!  He goes with them everywhere she said.  Yay for taking animals shopping!  Though I don’t think Zeus would appreciate that lol.

moms3Then we went to Home Depot bc they’re prices are much better!  Mom got a ton of cool plants, and I got a little rose bush with red and white petals bleeding into one another.  I also got a Horned Violet that has yellow, white and blue colors bleeding into each other which I thought looked really cool.  And on the way home we stopped at Freshco  for me to get some Gingerale bc I still have bad nausea, and I bought a White Dorothy rose bush!  Only $7!!!!  I think that’s it lol.

I had planned to go home, but they invited me for dinner… aka put Ashley to work!  Mom and I finished weeding her to beds.  She has one out front by her door, and one out back that’s smaller where their little deck area is.  Grass was growing like mad into the back bed, so I dug it all out and cleaned up the bushes that were out there growing up.  Like many of us, some of her plants didn’t come up from last year, which blows, but means more room for new ones!!!  I planted her purple Clematis out back against the fence line, and then next year, I’ll get her to get a proper trellis for it.  She also has a gorgeous deep red Lily to go out there that she bought on our last outing at Walmart.

Out front, we put in about six plants, some Annuals… tsk tsk I know she won’t dig them up this Fall! lol.  And we laid the black mulch she got down around all her new plants and dug an old Hosta that was annoying her.  It was a bitch and took us all having tried, then me and mom finishing it after dinner.  Her garden space looks so beautiful against the pale color of her siding.  Of course I grabbed their camera and took photos!  I wish now I had done before shots.

moms4By the time I got home I was spent so my plants stayed in their pots until yesterday when I put the Purple Heart in a pot on the deck (watching for squirrels)  and the Polka Dot in this hanging planter I bought last year.  I put the White Dorothy at the corner where my Gladofloria is no longer growing BOO and the Horned Violet where my pretty none existent red bush was.  The little roses, went between the Allium and the Sand Cherry bush.  There was a perennial I bought last year at Canadian Tire, which was tiny, but so pretty with wee little flowers, and I thought it was dead too, but I noticed there may yet be signs of life there!  Wahoo!  I hope it comes up!

Yesterday, Amanda, Nick and I went to mom’s for Victoria’s Day… do we normally do this?  I can never remember with weird holidays.  We had BBQ yum yum yum!  Amanda, Nick and I decided we are having a dinner next month.  Of course it’ll be a Quesadilla night!  Amanda had our friend Meghan pierce her lip and it looked good!  Really suited her, until she decided to change it, and then couldn’t get it back in… which meant sissy aka ME having to force it through.. one two three jab!  The last time she asked me to do something like that, was when she was getting shots of Humira for Crohn’s Disease in her belly.  She asked me to do it when my POTS was at its worst, so I was shaking like crazy.  I can still do things with it, but it looks scary to everyone else.  So right as I went to do it she yelled, “Stop!”  Hopped off the couch and grabbed the shot from me and all the medicine shot out all over the room LOL.  She trusted me more this time around lol.

moms5This morning I was in antsy mode seeing everyone get their veggies out, so I got my lettuce planted in the big long container I have, my mini tomato plant put in the tall pot with the circular stake thing, and my peppers put in the Topsy Turvy planter.  I hope it works in that, bc it was Hell to get them in, keep them in place and put dirt in at the same time!  So by then after watering everything I was nicely gross and sweaty and ran out with Zeus for a bit on the sunless side of the house where a bee almost got my babe, and we came in and have been lounging in front of the fans ever since.  I still have some more planting to do, but I need to eat, and hop in the shower before I leave at 2pm for a wake for a friend of the family.  Her father sadly passed away this week 😦  We will all be going to the funeral tomorrow too.

Not a thing else on the agenda this week but at home stuff.  This weekend I do the prep for my scope of Monday morning (ack!) and then I have to rebook my dentist appointment since I missed it this past week being sick.  Crazy, but great week!  Got a lot accomplished!  Plus… check out the side bar for the site this week.  I will be a writing an article on Jay Hernandez!  Yum!  And lots of drool…

Laters Gaters!



PS  New pictures of flowers, etc.  in the In My Garden tab at the top of the page!  Xo!

This is Going to Be Interesting!

I’m on my laptop yay!  I haven’t had a laptop in almost ten years, so please bear with the typos until I get handle on the keyboard being so small again!

100_0001So it’s been BEAUTIFULLY hot out.  The plants have been loving it!  Not so much me, but over night the temperature went down to zero again!  We’re all supposed to put out our plants on May 24 weekend, but I’m a little worried about doing that.  Especially with my veggies.  We’ll have to wait and see how the weather is!  Another gardening problem… I love starting plants from seed… and I intended to finally use my little green house to put my start up plants in, until they’re ready for a big pot, or to put in the ground, freeing up more window sill space.  Unfortunately, it is STILL getting knocked over by the wind!  There’s no bottom to it for me to put something heavy either, so it makes me a little leery about using it at all.

100_0002Today is Monday, and I should be going swimming, but it’s not going to happen this week, or next.  I took today to do my Spring cleaning room, which was the living room, and I’m so tired out from it I think I’ll need a nap before I start dinner!  Next Sunday will be the scope prep day and Monday the scope, so I highly doubt I’ll be able to go swimming lol.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Mom picked me up around noon, and we went to a flower shop and she made a cute bouquet of flowers for my Grams.  I got her  book by J. R. Martinez that she wanted.  He is a young war veteran who’s vehicle blew up from a land mine they hit and burnt 95% of his body.  He went on to be a spokesperson for wounded veterans, acted on a soap, and won Dancing With the Stars.  We went up to get Nick for a bit so he could see his dad, and Amanda gave her their gifts from them.  I didn’t stay for dinner bc mom was taking Grandma out to eat 🙂

100_0004On Friday, Carrie, Grams and I, went with Amanda and Nick to see him do his swimming lessons.  OMG  it’s crazy watching him in the deep end, but he looks so happy!  He’s adorable to watch.

This week, I have the dentist on Wednesday to get that filling re put in, and other than possibly seeing my counselor, and having Lilian my PSW come, I don’t think there is anything else.  I will write next week after my scope to let you all know the results.

Take Care.


PS  I haven’t had to use pain medicine in 4 days!  Wahoo!

Baby Baby Baby!

577586_10152798130325527_166427680_nMom and I had a great time at my oldest niece, Jess’ 2nd baby shower.. that we went to anyway lol.  We got lost on the way out there mind you, trying to find the house… we were looking for the wrong house number!  It was great to see her again before the baby is born 🙂  I just love my nieces and nephews to bunches, and I don’t get to see my brother’s kids often enough!

So now lets rewind back to Saturday!  Mom, Grams, Amanda and I spent the day together 🙂  We went to Giant Tiger where I changed into my new $7 tank top in the car flashing a bunch of people almost, then we went to The Brick where Grams got a new couch… I think the one I have, but in chocolate brown… why she bought it none of us know, but oh well lol.  Then we went to the garden center at Home Depot… I think it was there.

We went to East Side Marios for dinner.  *DROOL FEST*  I got a chicken fettuccine with garlic bread and a Cesar salad.  There were so many yummy looking things with spaghetti sauce, but the Gallbladder said no… mind you it wound up saying no to the fettuccine too, but my meal was deliciouso none the less!

We headed out to Walmart, and Amanda, mom and I all got plants.  Mom got a pretty yellow rose bush, and a cool dark, deep red Lily bush.  Amanda got three mini palms for her apartment deck for some privacy, and I got a purple sand cherry bush 🙂

So back to the day of the shower… I won another gift playing Bingo and one a flowery scented room defuser which is now on my book shelf.  I also one the game where everyone has a laundry pin, and you steal any person’s pin that says, “baby.”  But I gave that away since I already had a prize.  I also got to see Stacey my wonderful sistah in law.. well no more in law, but still my sis!!!

may5 006On the way home mom and I stopped at a chip truck for lunch, and she took me to my pharmacist at Independent Grocers, and I got my scope prep and these Tylenol 1’s.  They have a bit of codeine but not like the T3’s do, so you can get them over the counter.  Sadly this morning at 3 am I had to try them, and they really don’t work well, but it’s better than nothing!  And there, they also had a little garden center where I got a white Hydrangea 🙂

I got home and dug the Hostas out that had been here since before I was moved in, and threw them in the back yard, so that is where the purple sand cherry goes.  And Nicole, who I always talk about on here is giving me a pretty pink flowering shrub, that will go under the stairs (the non growing tulip garden) with the Hydrangea to fill the area up!

Today I was feeling terrible from not being able to go back to bed after getting up at 3am (about to crash any minute now and it’s only 8pm! lol) but I pushed myself to go to my mom’s and I went swimming with her this evening before dinner while she had her aqua therapy class.

may6Sadly enough for my weak dumb body… I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, arm and back playing bowling on my Wii LOL.  So I didn’t think I’d be able to swim, but thankfully I was, and it helped ease the tightness from it 🙂  I went in the therapy pool for ten minutes where mom’s class was too to sit with the jets and relax.

Tomorrow mom has to come by and get her new computer that she bought off the girl upstairs, and I will get the laptop 🙂  Excited more to watch movies and hopefully be able to do Skype 🙂  And there were other things too, but my brain hasn’t remembered any of that yet!

Mom got my a yummy sugar cookie scented candle and it is burning right now.  I love it 🙂

I also got my Gram’s birthday present in today.  My mom’s Mother’s Day gift still hasn’t shipped out yet, so I’m worried I won’t get it in time!!!  Here’s crossing my fingers!

I also have to go put part of the down payment on my washer and dryer this week, see my counselor, have my psw Lilian over, and have her boss over to do some yearly review thing.  Plus a filling fell out of a tooth in the back, so I’m hoping after Lilian leaves Thursday, I can get into the  dentist!

Hope you’re all doing well!


PS Starting a page of plants.  Stealing this idea from Nicole, but not going to go anywhere near in depth as she did as to how they’re taken care of, zones, etc.  I don’t think I even really know what all the damn names are let alone anything else about them! Hehe.


apr28 002On Sunday, I went to my oldest niece Jessica’s baby shower… I’m going to another one for her this Sunday too.  It was cute to see her open all her gifts and see her again before the baby is born!  I had gotten her some wet naps, a gyro bowl, the blanket I knitted for her, some onesies, teething toys, sippy cups, bibs, etc.  and split on a play pen with my fam. I also won in a draw with one of the game a lucky bamboo plant!

I got my bedroom done for the Spring cleaning, and threw out my fern that I killed… whoops!  And also tossed my forced tulips, which never grew inside or out!  I have now added more starting seeds to the mix, so I will take pictures when they get bigger.  I also moved my mini green house outside on the back deck, but it kept tipping over bc of the wind I guess, so I moved it today.  I’m HOPING it will be okay now, so I don’t dump my flowers in there after May 24 weekend!

apr28 001Today while talking to my bud Nicole, and then after when my social service worker came, I did all the weeding.  Normally I put it in a bucket and dump it along the fence line out back, but I forgot it, so there’s crap all over the walk way, yard and driveway lol.  Oh well!

My landlord has been over the last two days working on fixing the light in my front room.  He had his electrician friend over today and they finally got it all fixed up.

My Crohn’s disease is doing terrible… to put it lightly!  I am fighting through every day just to get things done.  Today was a good day, hence why I got all that done, but usually I’ve been lucky to get in the shower!

apr28 003Yesterday I was able to finally get my Calcium and Vit D 3 med.s for my Crohn’s.  It’s something the G I’s want crohn’s patients to be on now bc it helps fight against bowel cancer.  Which is just not what I want to spend my money on, but I finally did it dammit lol.

Tomorrow I am doing my laundry.  I put my first payment on the washer and dryer next week, and then they will deliver it for me next month once the down payment is paid in full then.  So HOPEFULLY this will be the last time I have to go OUT to do my laundry!  Yay!

My neighbor upstairs is moving 😦  and she is moving out West, so she was selling a bunch of her stuff so she didn’t have to take it with her.  My mom is getting her brand new computer, and she’ll let my Grams use hers since she can’t see on her laptop too well… Guess who’s getting the laptop!  Wahoo!

mar28 021Alright enough is enough.  Just waiting for the delivery guy to come with my med.s