apr28 002On Sunday, I went to my oldest niece Jessica’s baby shower… I’m going to another one for her this Sunday too.  It was cute to see her open all her gifts and see her again before the baby is born!  I had gotten her some wet naps, a gyro bowl, the blanket I knitted for her, some onesies, teething toys, sippy cups, bibs, etc.  and split on a play pen with my fam. I also won in a draw with one of the game a lucky bamboo plant!

I got my bedroom done for the Spring cleaning, and threw out my fern that I killed… whoops!  And also tossed my forced tulips, which never grew inside or out!  I have now added more starting seeds to the mix, so I will take pictures when they get bigger.  I also moved my mini green house outside on the back deck, but it kept tipping over bc of the wind I guess, so I moved it today.  I’m HOPING it will be okay now, so I don’t dump my flowers in there after May 24 weekend!

apr28 001Today while talking to my bud Nicole, and then after when my social service worker came, I did all the weeding.  Normally I put it in a bucket and dump it along the fence line out back, but I forgot it, so there’s crap all over the walk way, yard and driveway lol.  Oh well!

My landlord has been over the last two days working on fixing the light in my front room.  He had his electrician friend over today and they finally got it all fixed up.

My Crohn’s disease is doing terrible… to put it lightly!  I am fighting through every day just to get things done.  Today was a good day, hence why I got all that done, but usually I’ve been lucky to get in the shower!

apr28 003Yesterday I was able to finally get my Calcium and Vit D 3 med.s for my Crohn’s.  It’s something the G I’s want crohn’s patients to be on now bc it helps fight against bowel cancer.  Which is just not what I want to spend my money on, but I finally did it dammit lol.

Tomorrow I am doing my laundry.  I put my first payment on the washer and dryer next week, and then they will deliver it for me next month once the down payment is paid in full then.  So HOPEFULLY this will be the last time I have to go OUT to do my laundry!  Yay!

My neighbor upstairs is moving 😦  and she is moving out West, so she was selling a bunch of her stuff so she didn’t have to take it with her.  My mom is getting her brand new computer, and she’ll let my Grams use hers since she can’t see on her laptop too well… Guess who’s getting the laptop!  Wahoo!

mar28 021Alright enough is enough.  Just waiting for the delivery guy to come with my med.s


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Aww, sounds like you had a blast at the baby shower. Hopefully you have a great time tomorrow too and your body behaves. That’s a shame about the forced tulips, I’ve never tried them myself, it seemed too complicated for me, haha! I’m STILL waiting for my outdoor tulips to flower – have any of yours flowered yet? Any new blooms in your yard?

    Don’t feel bad about the weeding messes: I got a brand new toy that I love for spot weeding dandelions out of the lawn, and I leave shriveled piles of them EVERYWHERE now, lol. Hey, if you pull them out it ought to be someone else’s job to pick them up.

    I really hope they get to work on your gallstones soon to alleviate at least some of the Crohn’s pain. It seems like you are always in the process of waiting 😦

    At least the laptop should be a fun new toy and you can hopefully relax more and not force yourself to sit at your desktop pc as often when you want to surf or update!

    Much love ❤ Take care of you.


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