Baby Baby Baby!

577586_10152798130325527_166427680_nMom and I had a great time at my oldest niece, Jess’ 2nd baby shower.. that we went to anyway lol.  We got lost on the way out there mind you, trying to find the house… we were looking for the wrong house number!  It was great to see her again before the baby is born 🙂  I just love my nieces and nephews to bunches, and I don’t get to see my brother’s kids often enough!

So now lets rewind back to Saturday!  Mom, Grams, Amanda and I spent the day together 🙂  We went to Giant Tiger where I changed into my new $7 tank top in the car flashing a bunch of people almost, then we went to The Brick where Grams got a new couch… I think the one I have, but in chocolate brown… why she bought it none of us know, but oh well lol.  Then we went to the garden center at Home Depot… I think it was there.

We went to East Side Marios for dinner.  *DROOL FEST*  I got a chicken fettuccine with garlic bread and a Cesar salad.  There were so many yummy looking things with spaghetti sauce, but the Gallbladder said no… mind you it wound up saying no to the fettuccine too, but my meal was deliciouso none the less!

We headed out to Walmart, and Amanda, mom and I all got plants.  Mom got a pretty yellow rose bush, and a cool dark, deep red Lily bush.  Amanda got three mini palms for her apartment deck for some privacy, and I got a purple sand cherry bush 🙂

So back to the day of the shower… I won another gift playing Bingo and one a flowery scented room defuser which is now on my book shelf.  I also one the game where everyone has a laundry pin, and you steal any person’s pin that says, “baby.”  But I gave that away since I already had a prize.  I also got to see Stacey my wonderful sistah in law.. well no more in law, but still my sis!!!

may5 006On the way home mom and I stopped at a chip truck for lunch, and she took me to my pharmacist at Independent Grocers, and I got my scope prep and these Tylenol 1’s.  They have a bit of codeine but not like the T3’s do, so you can get them over the counter.  Sadly this morning at 3 am I had to try them, and they really don’t work well, but it’s better than nothing!  And there, they also had a little garden center where I got a white Hydrangea 🙂

I got home and dug the Hostas out that had been here since before I was moved in, and threw them in the back yard, so that is where the purple sand cherry goes.  And Nicole, who I always talk about on here is giving me a pretty pink flowering shrub, that will go under the stairs (the non growing tulip garden) with the Hydrangea to fill the area up!

Today I was feeling terrible from not being able to go back to bed after getting up at 3am (about to crash any minute now and it’s only 8pm! lol) but I pushed myself to go to my mom’s and I went swimming with her this evening before dinner while she had her aqua therapy class.

may6Sadly enough for my weak dumb body… I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, arm and back playing bowling on my Wii LOL.  So I didn’t think I’d be able to swim, but thankfully I was, and it helped ease the tightness from it 🙂  I went in the therapy pool for ten minutes where mom’s class was too to sit with the jets and relax.

Tomorrow mom has to come by and get her new computer that she bought off the girl upstairs, and I will get the laptop 🙂  Excited more to watch movies and hopefully be able to do Skype 🙂  And there were other things too, but my brain hasn’t remembered any of that yet!

Mom got my a yummy sugar cookie scented candle and it is burning right now.  I love it 🙂

I also got my Gram’s birthday present in today.  My mom’s Mother’s Day gift still hasn’t shipped out yet, so I’m worried I won’t get it in time!!!  Here’s crossing my fingers!

I also have to go put part of the down payment on my washer and dryer this week, see my counselor, have my psw Lilian over, and have her boss over to do some yearly review thing.  Plus a filling fell out of a tooth in the back, so I’m hoping after Lilian leaves Thursday, I can get into the  dentist!

Hope you’re all doing well!


PS Starting a page of plants.  Stealing this idea from Nicole, but not going to go anywhere near in depth as she did as to how they’re taken care of, zones, etc.  I don’t think I even really know what all the damn names are let alone anything else about them! Hehe.


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