This is Going to Be Interesting!

I’m on my laptop yay!  I haven’t had a laptop in almost ten years, so please bear with the typos until I get handle on the keyboard being so small again!

100_0001So it’s been BEAUTIFULLY hot out.  The plants have been loving it!  Not so much me, but over night the temperature went down to zero again!  We’re all supposed to put out our plants on May 24 weekend, but I’m a little worried about doing that.  Especially with my veggies.  We’ll have to wait and see how the weather is!  Another gardening problem… I love starting plants from seed… and I intended to finally use my little green house to put my start up plants in, until they’re ready for a big pot, or to put in the ground, freeing up more window sill space.  Unfortunately, it is STILL getting knocked over by the wind!  There’s no bottom to it for me to put something heavy either, so it makes me a little leery about using it at all.

100_0002Today is Monday, and I should be going swimming, but it’s not going to happen this week, or next.  I took today to do my Spring cleaning room, which was the living room, and I’m so tired out from it I think I’ll need a nap before I start dinner!  Next Sunday will be the scope prep day and Monday the scope, so I highly doubt I’ll be able to go swimming lol.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Mom picked me up around noon, and we went to a flower shop and she made a cute bouquet of flowers for my Grams.  I got her  book by J. R. Martinez that she wanted.  He is a young war veteran who’s vehicle blew up from a land mine they hit and burnt 95% of his body.  He went on to be a spokesperson for wounded veterans, acted on a soap, and won Dancing With the Stars.  We went up to get Nick for a bit so he could see his dad, and Amanda gave her their gifts from them.  I didn’t stay for dinner bc mom was taking Grandma out to eat 🙂

100_0004On Friday, Carrie, Grams and I, went with Amanda and Nick to see him do his swimming lessons.  OMG  it’s crazy watching him in the deep end, but he looks so happy!  He’s adorable to watch.

This week, I have the dentist on Wednesday to get that filling re put in, and other than possibly seeing my counselor, and having Lilian my PSW come, I don’t think there is anything else.  I will write next week after my scope to let you all know the results.

Take Care.


PS  I haven’t had to use pain medicine in 4 days!  Wahoo!


4 thoughts on “This is Going to Be Interesting!

  1. Yay laptop! Hopefully it makes things easier for you on harder days.
    Hmm, next time you get a chance could you get a picture and the measurements between the legs/feet of the mini greenhouse for me? I MIGHT be able to think of something, you never know 😉 It seems like the perfect way to harden off indoor seedlings so it’d be a shame to be unable to use it.

    Sounds like mother’s day went very well, glad to hear it. I know what you mean, both Cari and Madelon can swim better than me now! Cute picture of Niles ❤

    Hoping all goes perfectly smoothly with the scope!


    • hmmm the green house is kind of confusing. It has little peg legs, but with the tight plastic sheet around it right to the ground too… I was thinking cinder blocks, but the sheet makes that impossible bc it’s in the way. Give me a bit to feel better and I will get out there and take pic.s and measurements. Would love any ideas for it!


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