Planting Time!

100_000222Wow!  We go from Spring, back to Winter weather, and now onto Summer in a month!  Today it’s supposed to be in the 30’s with the humidity which will be the hottest so far this year, so I broke out the window fan and have it cooling down the living room as I melt at the kitchen table writing to all of you.

Being in a very very old house, it makes for very little plugs!  So there are tons of extension cords to allow me to hook my fans, lamp, tv, etc. in.  It’s very frustrating.  Especially in the bedroom where there is only one plug in, and that is where the only phone line is.  So my big whopper of a fan sits in my dining room at night aimed at my bed.  I can’t complain though, even on the hottest of days, my place is usually colder than most until dinner time when the sun gets around the kitchen and living room side… then it’s sweltering!

This week has been a rollercoaster just like the weather.  My mom caught the flu… then I caught it from her, and so did my Grams, then my sister caught it from my Grams.  Now I think we’re all on the mends lol.  My mom was starting to show signs of catching it a second time, but it didn’t last.  I was annoyed bc Grams and I both get the flu shot every year, so we may still get sick, but not to the degree everyone else does.  Not this time!

moms1This weekend when we were doing better, mom, Grams and I went plant hunting.  We started at Lowe’s where I got two $2 plants.  Both Annuals which I’m usually totally against getting bc I hate that they don’t last outside, and I have too much going on indoors plant wise, to deal with more, but these two I couldn’t say no too.  I got a Polka Dot tropical, and a Purple Heart Setcreasea.  There was a woman about my age with her son in a stroller shopping too, and I looked down at him and noticed an iguana on his shirt!  Then I realized it wasn’t a picture, but a damn real iguana! Lol, so of course I had to ask if I could pet him bc he was too neat looking and so well behaved!  He goes with them everywhere she said.  Yay for taking animals shopping!  Though I don’t think Zeus would appreciate that lol.

moms3Then we went to Home Depot bc they’re prices are much better!  Mom got a ton of cool plants, and I got a little rose bush with red and white petals bleeding into one another.  I also got a Horned Violet that has yellow, white and blue colors bleeding into each other which I thought looked really cool.  And on the way home we stopped at Freshco  for me to get some Gingerale bc I still have bad nausea, and I bought a White Dorothy rose bush!  Only $7!!!!  I think that’s it lol.

I had planned to go home, but they invited me for dinner… aka put Ashley to work!  Mom and I finished weeding her to beds.  She has one out front by her door, and one out back that’s smaller where their little deck area is.  Grass was growing like mad into the back bed, so I dug it all out and cleaned up the bushes that were out there growing up.  Like many of us, some of her plants didn’t come up from last year, which blows, but means more room for new ones!!!  I planted her purple Clematis out back against the fence line, and then next year, I’ll get her to get a proper trellis for it.  She also has a gorgeous deep red Lily to go out there that she bought on our last outing at Walmart.

Out front, we put in about six plants, some Annuals… tsk tsk I know she won’t dig them up this Fall! lol.  And we laid the black mulch she got down around all her new plants and dug an old Hosta that was annoying her.  It was a bitch and took us all having tried, then me and mom finishing it after dinner.  Her garden space looks so beautiful against the pale color of her siding.  Of course I grabbed their camera and took photos!  I wish now I had done before shots.

moms4By the time I got home I was spent so my plants stayed in their pots until yesterday when I put the Purple Heart in a pot on the deck (watching for squirrels)  and the Polka Dot in this hanging planter I bought last year.  I put the White Dorothy at the corner where my Gladofloria is no longer growing BOO and the Horned Violet where my pretty none existent red bush was.  The little roses, went between the Allium and the Sand Cherry bush.  There was a perennial I bought last year at Canadian Tire, which was tiny, but so pretty with wee little flowers, and I thought it was dead too, but I noticed there may yet be signs of life there!  Wahoo!  I hope it comes up!

Yesterday, Amanda, Nick and I went to mom’s for Victoria’s Day… do we normally do this?  I can never remember with weird holidays.  We had BBQ yum yum yum!  Amanda, Nick and I decided we are having a dinner next month.  Of course it’ll be a Quesadilla night!  Amanda had our friend Meghan pierce her lip and it looked good!  Really suited her, until she decided to change it, and then couldn’t get it back in… which meant sissy aka ME having to force it through.. one two three jab!  The last time she asked me to do something like that, was when she was getting shots of Humira for Crohn’s Disease in her belly.  She asked me to do it when my POTS was at its worst, so I was shaking like crazy.  I can still do things with it, but it looks scary to everyone else.  So right as I went to do it she yelled, “Stop!”  Hopped off the couch and grabbed the shot from me and all the medicine shot out all over the room LOL.  She trusted me more this time around lol.

moms5This morning I was in antsy mode seeing everyone get their veggies out, so I got my lettuce planted in the big long container I have, my mini tomato plant put in the tall pot with the circular stake thing, and my peppers put in the Topsy Turvy planter.  I hope it works in that, bc it was Hell to get them in, keep them in place and put dirt in at the same time!  So by then after watering everything I was nicely gross and sweaty and ran out with Zeus for a bit on the sunless side of the house where a bee almost got my babe, and we came in and have been lounging in front of the fans ever since.  I still have some more planting to do, but I need to eat, and hop in the shower before I leave at 2pm for a wake for a friend of the family.  Her father sadly passed away this week 😦  We will all be going to the funeral tomorrow too.

Not a thing else on the agenda this week but at home stuff.  This weekend I do the prep for my scope of Monday morning (ack!) and then I have to rebook my dentist appointment since I missed it this past week being sick.  Crazy, but great week!  Got a lot accomplished!  Plus… check out the side bar for the site this week.  I will be a writing an article on Jay Hernandez!  Yum!  And lots of drool…

Laters Gaters!



PS  New pictures of flowers, etc.  in the In My Garden tab at the top of the page!  Xo!


One thought on “Planting Time!

  1. And back to Winter… 😦
    Oh, I know what you mean about the old house/few outlets, situation. Our old apartment was worse than our house, most of the outlets weren’t even grounded there. At last here we have updated everything. Having so few is the worst though. Have to get some of those fancy surge-protecting power bars. I love a place that can stay cool though, that’s the best 🙂

    I love the work you did on your mom’s beds, hopefully I can help you out working on yours when I bring all of those sedum! Have you any idea where you’ll put 4 sedum yet? lol. I JUST saw a polka dot plant and considered buying it at that greenhouse the other day!!! They’re beautiful! Funny thing about some of those plants that never came back for most of us… I went and got replacements for some of mine that didn’t come back, only to see yesterday that they are just starting to come back. We must’ve really needed all that crazy drenching rain! Hosta digging is horrible, they just really really want to stay put :p I have one peeking up behind my strawberries again this year and have NO idea how it got there, and can’t seem to get it out.

    LOL about squirting the medicine around the living room. I always wondered how on earth you set up those topsy turvy planters. So, what is this forgive me list? And where is your write up?

    Now, I must close my gmail, and facebook, and your blog, tabs and buckle down and work on entries for my journal 😉 Since it’s WINTER outside!

    Much love.


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