100_0001I am freezing today!  I have been wearing a tank top, sweater, and a winter coat outside! LOL  Is it just me???

So today is Sunday.  I only get to eat Jello and chicken brother which tastes gross lol.  I can’t even have a coffee unless there’s no milk… which means no coffee until tomorrow after the scope.  In 15 minutes, I will drink my second of the two drinks and then I have done my damn part for the test in the morning lol.

100_0002Mom took me to return my vacuum yesterday.  It just stopped working for no reason.  They have to send it away somewhere local to be fixed since it’s still under warrantee.  I got a bunch of little plants there for $1-2 each.  I got an Oriental Poppy, Lily-of-the-Valley, Blue Elf, Salvia, two Lupins and a Gallardia Bremen.  They’re really small so I hope they’ll all grow.  I planted some in the Tulip garden, and the rest around the driveway side of the house.

My lettuce is coming up nicely, and my peppers seem okay.  I’m not too sure about my mini tomato plant though.  It’s looking a little rough, and not getting any bigger.  I was going to pick up a plant, but couldn’t find any that weren’t GMO.

100_0004Tomorrow is my scope, Tuesday I go to the dentist, Friday is grocery shopping, Saturday I am going to a plant sale at the Glanmore museum, and then going out to stay at my dad’s for the night.

I’m going to head out and relax and get that gross drink down me and try a nap out again.

Take Care.



One thought on “Warm?

  1. I’m with you, it’s been darned cold lately – yet warm enough in the midday, I feel like I’m changing my clothes all day. Last night I bundled up in a big sweater for bed!

    Nice deal on the $1-2 plants! Hopefully they all grow nicely – it’s supposed to rain today, that should help! You say the word and I’ve got non-GMO tomatoes for you, they’re pretty tiny still, but I’ll save one of each variety for you just incase you’d like any. Adam’s driving instructor took him to drive to/in Belleville yesterday! Getting closer and closer to coming to see you and having a gardening day 😀

    Good luck at the dentist’s today! Hopefully your gallbladder quiets down asap. Glad the scope is done and you can relax… after the dentist :p


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