Little Late

100_0006I wanted to write as soon as I could about my tests, but I’ve been busy and spending lots of time outside when I’ve been able to be home.  My niece Jess finally had Jase her BEAUTIFUL baby boy this morning around midnight 🙂  I want to meet him asap!  My sis, dad, mom and step mom have seen him now, but not ME! Lol.  I talked to her this morning on the phone though, so I could see how she was feeling.

My sister is in the hospital.  She went in bc she was in so much pain even the pain medicine she’s been given weren’t working.  We couldn’t understand what it was causing it, and why she was so exhausted.  At first we all thought one of her medicines, bc she’s on a lot that can make her sleepy, but with changing them around, etc.  that didn’t seem to be the case.  So on Tuesday, off she went to Kingston to get scans, and blood work, etc. done to try and untap this mystery she’s been dealing with!  If you’re someone who knows her, feel free to send her a private msg. on facebook, but not on her wall, since I think that should be up to her to post openly about to the web world.

001I’ve been in to see her with mom, Grams and Nick.  Mom’s been staying at Amanda’s place taking care of the lovely animals and Nick inbetween going in to see her.  She does seem a little better, but as of right now, there is still not any answers.  Hopefully the doctors figure this out asap so we can get her home and comfortable at home 🙂

So Sunday was absolutely hell lol.  I took the first prep that morning, and the second before dinner.  It was a lot easier to get down me.  It’s mostly mind over matter bc it doesn’t taste that bad.  I felt really terrible that night going to bed, almost fluish, but I made it through better than I thought. On Monday, mom got me to the hospital for 9:40am.  She dropped me off and I got lost and had to rely on another patient to help me find the day surgery area! Lol.  I’m used to Kingston’s hospitals bc I’ve been there enough for appointments, and even being an inpatient.  So finding Amanda was easy as pie… Belleville hospital was another thing altogether.  Like a damn maze in there!

100_0008Almost right away I got my IV put in, and went into the room for the scope.  The doctor said, “Goodnight Sweety,”  and I answered with a, “Yeah right!”  And the next thing I knew, I was back in the recovery room asking my nurse if it was over!  Lol.  I told the GI after that, that was the best scope yet lol.

Apparently I have narrowing of scar tissue in my upper bowel… where my Crohn’s normally flares, and I had some inflammation, but not enough to worry about.  He assumes my body was healing itself from the relapse!  That’s unheard of without Prednisone or something added to help it.  So I stay on Imuran thankfully not having to go on the scary med.s my sister had to be on before, which gave her a build up of too much protein in her legs making her unable to barely walk, and the Lupus after that!

As for the Gallbladder, bc I hadn’t had an attack in a couple weeks, he was hoping as my Crohn’s calms down, that, that means my Gallstones are too!  I was excited about that.  Mom stayed with me over night and I ended up having a 13 hour Gallbladder attack!!!  I couldn’t believe it and nothing was getting rid of the pain.  My friend, Nicole; convinced me to call the GI about it, and he had me come in asap to get blood work so he could see if maybe it’s my liver causing this, but it was SO busy, that my Gallbladder attack eventually stopped while I was there waiting! LOL.  So now I have to wait for the next one and hope it’s during the time I can get in and get blood work done.

100_0007It’s been so hot here.  My lettuce is sprouting up slowly, but surely, and my peppers look the same, but I’d say my tomato plant is dead 😦  Everywhere I go as GMO so it looks like I’m going to have to buy one of those plants instead.

Tomorrow morning there is a plant sale near by at a museum, and if the weather is good, I am going to walk over and try to find a nice plant to get my dad for Father’s Day.  Then he is coming in to pick up Nick and I, and we are staying at his place ’til Sunday.  It will be nice to get away for a while.  Plus I have the new, and last (tear) Sookie Stackhouse book to read.  I’m also planning on playing in his gardens and stealing some flowers or plants lol.

Yesterday I went to thee dentist.  I got a filling fixed that had fallen out, and another one at the top fixed from when the last dentist had done a root canal on it.  She shaped it better, so it will be easier to brush and floss between those teeth.

Gonna head out and pack for dad’s, and then have dinner, and go out and water the plants on the North side of the house.



One thought on “Little Late

  1. I want to reply more in full, but need to head off for a few hours – first and foremost though, DO NOT BUY TOMATOES! I have lots for you :p I have officially offered some to everyone, and still have lots left, so hows about we try and get me out there very soon?
    Much love and glad you’re feeling alright right now ❤


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