Visiting Mania

766_10151948132674815_1424651273_nI haven’t written in over a week and boy do I have lots of photos to share!

I went to me dad and step mom’s last weekend with my youngest nephew Nick.  My uncle and his wife and dog came over and we got to ride around in fancy old cars to the point where I was left looking a little lobstery!  I had such a good relaxing time.  On the Sunday before we came home, I stole a bunch of my dad’s plants to take home with me.  The garden photos posted in today’s post is some of the MANY gardens my dad has around his home.

My sister is finally out of the hospital!  They still aren’t completely sure what is wrong with her though, which is frustrating.  She has had all of the tests done that they wanted to do, and gotten the results, so who knows what now!!!  She seems pretty faint, and still in pain, but she’s been able to clean and go swimming as of last night, so that’s a good sign!

100_0005My friend Nicole, her boyfriend  Adam, and her dad came out to visit this week too with Jenna their beautiful dog.  I’ll only post one photo with me and Jenna to show her off, but I don’t want everyone else displayed on here too where it’s public.  Nicole and I went to high school together, and took a lot of Art classes together, so we were good acquaintances, but never knew each other really well, but I remember I always thought she was nice and funny.  Then a few years later we ran into each other again when I was living in Napanee when my depression first reared its ugly head.  Years go by, and facebook comes along, and of course you add everyone you remember thinking was cool before, and her and I got talking.  Now we talk pretty much everyday either by emails, messages, or on the phone.  Unfortunately neither of us have our licenses, so it took until now for us to see one another in almost 10 years!

100_0004You never know if it’s going to be weird or awkward seeing someone for the first time in ages and hanging out, but she was like one of those friends, no matter how long its been, nothing seems to have changed, except now, we know each other way better and are close friends!  Her boyfriend worked with my niece who just had Jase the baby, and he was super nice and friendly.  Her dad was awesome, and he reminded me a lot of my home life before I moved out on my own, so I really liked him too.  I even made them give me hugs! LOL.  Jenna was hilarious.  I figured she’d be a typical older dog, wanting to be around her owner, and liking attention, but taking or leaving it.  OMG this dog was so playful, but in such a well behaved way!  She’s gone to puppy school and she shows, bc she knows how far she can nip and tug on you without ever actually hurting you.  She was so loveable I would’ve kept her on the spot! hehe.

100_0001So as ALWAYS, Nicole totally spoiled me.  She brought me up two tomato plants, some basil, I think 4 sedum plants, and bunch of others we put under the stairs, and I’m terrible for forgetting their names lol.  Will have to check out the picture she took to get the names of them all.  It was fun getting to garden with someone else, and have someone to blab on about it to as you go around and look at everything. 100_0002

Yesterday, my mom took me out bc I was Hell bent on finding Snow in the Summer for my dad, and a Horned Violet that I have, that he really loved when he came up.  I’ve been to literally EVERY gardening centre in Belleville and NO ONE has either!!!  I was so mad!  I did finally select two plants for him… need to run out and get names…  a Jacob’s Ladder, and Coral Bells.  Hopefully he likes them!!!  I also was able to pick up two wire tomato cages for the ones Nicole gave me, so they’re all set to go.  And we went to the Dollar Store and got some pots bc I had ran out.

295636_10151948134019815_1825681261_nLast night when I got home, I dug up my Snow in the Summer, and put it in a bottlemless pot, and replanted the whole shebang in the ground.  I don’t want it suffocating my other plants, especially since the ones near by it, are pretty small too!  I’m hoping next year, it will be big enough to give my dad some and the violets, so he can at least start some!  421232_10151948134239815_829601835_n

Today I am hopefully getting up to my mom’s to do some weeding and planting, and mulch laying.  Will take photos 🙂

This week I have to get blood work done and put the down payment on the washer dryer.

Take Care!!!
















2 thoughts on “Visiting Mania

  1. You are one busy girl! You are welcome to use any pics of Jenna and I on your journal, I’d feel honoured 🙂 That reminds me, am I allowed to post some on mine?

    So good that you got to have a nice visit at your dad’s. Their gardens look so lovely. Glad that your sister is even slightly on the mend!

    Jenna ADORED you – she’s not so behaved or gentle with everyone, haha! I really loved gardening with you, it was so fun and relaxing, was just hard digging through the concrete, lol!

    Jacob’s Ladder is a really nice plant, I saw it in the greenhouse and was intrigued by the neat little leaves. Coral bells are neat, they come in so many different colours, I have dark purple ones in that recent garden video I sent you, I think I call them by a different name though. I really ought to get around to planting out my poor Snow-in-Summer soon! Hopefully everything grows well for you!


    • Yes you can post one w me in it. I don’t mind!!! I did the snow in the summer at my mom’s place and mine in the bottomless pot, so we’ll see if it spreads or not! Jenna was too funny, yet sooo good!


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