Too Long

jasemeI didn’t realize that it has been since before Father’s Day when I wrote last!  Amanda, Meghan, Carrie and Emily and I went down to visit dad and Lois and I gave him the two plants.  Thankfully he really liked them!  Still on the look out for the Snow In The Summer and the Horned Violet for him.  Before that, we all stopped by my oldest niece’s place and I finally got to meet my great nephew Jase 🙂  He is absolutely perfect and kissable!  I love love love him!

The night before, all the girls hung out at Amanda’s.  I couldn’t sleep at all though!  I don’t know why, but I was tired, but couldn’t get more than a few hours sleep!   So nice to have some girl time, and see Meghan for the first time I think since Halloween!

Not a whole lot has been going on since.  I’ve been having a mini set back with my POTS.  Not terribly, or like it was before.  I felt very weak, and easily out of breath and had a hard time standing.  I guess I shouldn’t say had… bc I still feel like this.  I am trying not to over do it, but I can’t seem to get my energy back, and I don’t want to get deconditioned again.  I’m also frustrated bc I have had two days of being stuck in bed in the past week, and that was the first time in ages that happened.

100_0002Today I had a day with my mom and grandma.  We went to Walmart where I got a couple more plants, a new Hydrangea and another one I can’t remember the name lol.  Then we went to Giant Tiger and I got a dress shirt, and a bunch of tank tops that were on two for $8.

Tomorrow is Canada Day!!!  Amanda and Carrie are having a BBQ and swimming at their apartment place, where their landlord is letting them set everything up outside.  I want to make something for desert to bring too, but I don’t know if I’ll be well enough to.  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow too, but we can move the party indoors if need be.  Regardless it will be fun 🙂

100_0017My landlord decided to remove the little wall hanging off the side of the house, and now when it pours, if I go outside… I have nothing to stand under lol.  I’m going to have to give him shit the next time I see him.  He’s still not done the deck out back yet, but so far it looks really nice.  I think he just needs to finish sanding it and then do the staining.

Next weekend, is my Grams 84th birthday (I think lol) so I got to the Dollar Store, and got her a gift back, ribbon and some wrapping paper and got her present all ready.  I was also able to get all of my groceries, etc. done.

I was hoping to get out and see my friend Nicole today while we were in Napanee bc my mom and Grams were going to go to see family, but then they changed their minds, so I wasn’t able to go visit!  Yes, this was going to be a surprise visit Nicole! Hehehe.

Going to head out and snuggle with my Zeus and relax for the night.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!



4 thoughts on “Too Long

  1. This is the first time I have written in here. I had no idea you could. I have been blessed to meet all of your family and they are the best people I have met in a long time. I am thankful every day that I have met all of you. Ash I hope you are feeling better for desert no worries there we don’t need the calories,,lol. love ya lots xoxo


  2. You! Surprise visit would have been crazy awesome, but glad it didn’t work out so perfectly since I’d feel embarrassed about the mess around here (it IS getting better though, we are making a very big effort to clean up more often), plus don’t want you to catch the stupid cold we have. A head’s up is always good though, you know how it is, don’t want to miss you knocking because I decided to shower at a weird time during the day.

    If Horned Violets are the same as Johnny-Jump-Ups you should be able to get seeds off of yours to start some for your dad. I was really shocked at how many came up from scattered seeds in my garden this year (sent a pic of them to you today actually).

    You’re going to beat back this setback, just give yourself lots of time and rest though! Hopefully your grandmother’s birthday goes really smoothly for everyone!
    Have a great Canada Day!


  3. seeds come off them??? errr I don’t know Anything about getting seeds off my plants… And yes, mom said she’d take me out sometime when they go visiting or to Kingston for appointments, so I can let you know ahead of time next time. But do NOT worry about your house if it’s not perfect!!!


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