Park Fun

100_0008I can’t wait for August.  On the 10th, there is going to be an anniversary sale at a local aquatics store in Napanee, and they are having Jungle Cat World come down for a show.  You bring a some animal food to be donated to the local SPCA, and a charity BBQ.  Nick, mom and I are going to go, and Nicole too.  It’ll be fun 🙂  I hope I have my new camera battery by then!  I will bring it to catch the odd photo anyway, and steal some that Nicole takes.

Grams and aunt Kelly are in Ireland!  Today they are having the burial for my Gramps.  They’ve been having fun though, seeing family from there and England who came to spend time with them.  They come back home Thursday I think.

100_0007Mom, Amanda, Nick and I had a picnic at a park near hear.  None of us had been there before, and it was in a beautiful area with lots of fun play structures for kids.  Nick picked a nice shady spot under a tree and we had lunch.  Then we all went up to the playground area and had some fun.

My Zinnias are finally blooming.  I’m proud of them bc they’re so cute, and I grew them from seed.  I’m trying to decide if they will come in with me over the Winter, or if I’ll just chuck em.

100_0011Today I am thoroughly exhausted.  It’s only 4pm and I’ve been wanting to go to bed since I got up lol.  I think I’ll attempt a nap if I can sleep through my landlord and Enzo working outside, and if my restless legs don’t drive me completely insane.

I still haven’t heard from Lowes about whether  or not I will be able to get a card.  I really hope so, or I’m screwed probably for the washer dryer.  Next month, I’ll be able to get my camera battery, a vacuum and my sister’s Christmas gift, I’ve been dying to get!  dgfhaI’m so excited for it!  I got my aunt Kelly her Christmas gift, but I found something little I’d like to add to it too.

Going to read a bit more of Tina Fey’s Bossypants book I borrowed from Nicole, then have a nap ’til dinner.

Take care!




mom's birthday present for her Clematis.

mom’s birthday present for her Clematis.

So I’ve been noticing there are a lot more flies in here than usual.  On any given day, you’d be surprised to even find one… hold that thought.

I didn’t sleep barely at all last night.  I think I didn’t fall asleep until around 4am and woke up before my alarm clock that was set for 7:15am.  Very happy about today bc I got to see my friend Nicole again so soon!  My Grams was going to town to get her hair done, and my mom has some x-rays she was going for.  So I asked if they would drop me off to finally visit Nicole at her and her boyfriend Adam’s place.  I’ve seen tons of videos and pictures, so it was awesome to actually SEE it in person.

Zeus nice and stoned on catnip from aunty Nicole

Zeus nice and stoned on catnip from aunty Nicole

I got to see my darling Jenna (their dog) who is just kick ass!!!  We walked around her beautiful gardens with the most unique flowers.  I also got to see her trellis’ that her and her dad made together for her clematis and all the neat veggies she was growing.  I just love it there!  And it was really windy which saved the heat even though I was sweating buckets.  I got to meet their handsome boy cats Loki and Buster and the gorgeous Skadi, their black cat… which of course I love bc my Bizkit was black ❤ I figured first time being around me, and with me not being there very long they’d kinda rather just check me out and see what I was about, but all three of them were cuddle bugs with me, so of course I was contemplating ways to fit them all in my purse and make some excuse to Zeus why they were coming home with me!

spinach lasagne from earlier in the week mmm

spinach lasagne from earlier in the week mmm

I had such a nice time just relaxing and getting to check everything out.  I wanted to do something special for her, bc she’s been battling with anxiety problems and has been kicking its ass lately, and getting to enjoy life.  Plus she’s a friend who ALWAYS does little things for you all the time.  I had been talking to her about her aquarium the other day and some fish she wanted, so I had mom and Grams stop at a pet store in Belleville before we left.  They only had the one kind of fish she liked there, so I got her two of those instead.  Get to her house… she has my favourite chocolate waiting for me, the air conditioner installed so it would be cool, had spent the whole day before with Adam cleaning, and gave me a mystery plant that is nicely watered and sitting on my back deck.  Plus she is lending me a book she loves, and GAVE my sister their one microwave!  Seriously!!  She’s an awesome, unnecessarily giving person with a heart of gold.  Plus she has a weird kooky mind like me, so she’s wikid.  Oh yeah. Lol, she even gave me some catnip that she had growing outside to bring home to Zeus!

100_0011My mom and Grams came to get me after they went shopping for a bit, and then mom came in for a second to meet Nicole and Adam.  Seriously think she wanted to meet Jenna the most though lol.  By the way, my mom says your house is gorgeous and thinks Jenna was very cute and well behaved.  My mom’s a sucker for pets like us lol.

beef steak tomatoes

beef steak tomatoes

So I get Subway on the way home so I don’t have to cook dinner, come in the house, and go to open the windows… there were literally over 20 or more flies sitting there in the window!  EW!!  So I swished a bunch out when I opened the screen up, and then whacked a bunch with the fly swatter out of spite, and let about 8 more out through the screened door.   So I’m convinced I have food or something that’s slipped in between the stove and the counter, I pull out my stove and SMASH I break a cute sugar strawberry shaped sugar container I just sit on my stove as decoration that my sis gave me.  So I get that all cleaned up, and surprisingly there is nothing around or behind the stove but cat hair.  So why????  My windows are brand new, but the screen aren’t, and I think the people that were here before, must have had cats that went at the screens bc there’s little picky holes in them.  But this is my third summer here and I’ve never had more than one fly in here, and even that’s rare.  Is it this crazy 40 degrees with humidity weather?  My recycling is outside now, there’s no food laying around or anything spilt.  I know this bc I scrubbed the kitchen down last week so there is literally nothing there that should be making them obsessed with wanting to get in… and HOW are they getting in???

100_0004I get disgusted and decide to go out and water the back side of the house’ gardens since the sun is done on that side for the day, and the damn hose won’t work!  The landlord has installed this nice turning hose wheel thing, but the water was leaking out from under it.  I’m ripping the hose off it to get a better look, swearing like the landlord does when I hear someone laughing… my landlord.  So thankfully Enzo, the guy upstairs who has been working for the landlord redoing everything outside here, came over and helped me figure it out…. he chose nicer words than I did when he got frustrated.  He figured it out, and tightened it all up good and then I got to water.

Now I am on the search to find my proper camera battery.

100_0003Did I mention I went to Lowes last week and found a 110 volt dryer, and washer there?  I saved myself with a delivery charge, almost $2-300 !!  That guy at Smitty‘s who treated me like crap bc I am on disability can kiss my ass!

Also, my Grams leaves this Tuesday to go to Ireland with my aunt Kelly!  My Gramps, who passed away about a year and a half ago, was from Ireland, and asked my aunt Kelly, that if she ever went to Ireland again, to bring some of his ashes home to be burried too.  I think that’s really cool.  They’re going to have a wonderful time with family there.  I wish I could afford to go!

Okay enough of this.  Battery card searching, then I’m going to attempt to fix my stupid cursed vacuum!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Don’t melt away on me!



100_0005I have tomatoes!  The one of my three tomato plants has little green tomatoes on it!  I’m so excited to see them finally 🙂  Not sure if you’ll be able to see them or not in the photo.

I went Wednesday and Thursday to the dentist.  My teeth look great, but my gums are swollen still and sore.  It’s very frustrating, that I do everything to make them healthy, and my stupid medicine and health just keeps on destroying them.  Had good laughs with my dentist and assistant who always get me giggling at some point w girl talk.

Today I did my Spring cleaning in the kitchen finally.  This heat has just drained me from wanting to do ANYthing except what needs to be done, so I keep putting it off.  Today being so beautiful out, I opened all the windows and got to work!  I got all the cupboards, walls, baseboards, etc. done and all I have left to do is clean behind the fridge and stove, do the sinks, and wipe down inside the drawers, since I just remembered I didn’t do that.  So nice to have it all clean 🙂

100_0007After dinner I got all the plants outside watered, and am now waiting on my medicine to be delivered.  I ordered it a few days ago to be delivered and they never showed up!  So I’ve been without my Crohn’s medicine for a few days.  I don’t tend to notice it thankfully if I do happen to miss it, but I will if I don’t get it soon!  Hopefully bc I called about  it, it will come in tonight.  Now I’m relaxing and watching The Godfather while I type with my babes beside me.  I tried getting a photo of him sleeping, but when I lifted my camera, he saw a flash of light from the sun and got crazy face on instead lol.

100_0004My mom has been sick.  My Grams made her go to the hospital today and she has a bad flu.  They gave her Gravol and IV’s, and told her just to rest it out.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon.

Speaking of sick… I thought I was coming down with a cold yesterday bc I sneezed a good twenty or more times after being at the dentists, and I don’t sneeze that much when I have a cold.  I think now, that it was from the freezing at the dentist bc it numbed my nose a bit.

My landlord is now working on my other side deck.  He ripped off all of the banisters yesterday and today him and my neighbour put my awning back up for me 🙂  I’m excited to see what it will all look like!

100_0003My mom’s birthday is this Tuesday, so I am hoping to get up to get her present this weekend.  My Grams is going to take me.  It will be impossible to wrap the gift, so I’m just going to put a bow on it and attach her card to it.  Will take photos then for you all to see.

As for this week coming up, I have no appointments until the Fall when I have my check up with the GI and my Neurologist.  That’s a nice feeling 🙂

Take Care!


Happy Birthday and Canada Day

100_0001I don’t have any photos from my Gram’s 84th … yet, nor do I of Canada Day at all, bc we didn’t take any, except the kids in the pool lol.  Canada ended up being at mom and Grams.  We couldn’t BBQ bc we forgot the gas, but the food was all yummy regardless!  We had a fun time with the kids, and Emily had me power laughing.  It started to rain, so we all went home thinking the fireworks were a bust, but then at the last minute the rain stopped and they did have them.  I couldn’t see any from where I live, which is odd bc normally I can.  My friend Nicole even did me a video of them from Napanee so I could at least see those! LOL.

Today is my Grandma’s 84th birthday.  Susan’s last Social Service Worker student Alissa let me borrow this book about J C Dugard, who was kidnapped for years and actually got rescued.  My Grams really wanted to borrow it, but it wasn’t mine to give out, and I was giving it back to the girl asap bc she was almost done.  So that was what I got her for her birthday.  She’s already started reading it lol.

I had a rough start to the day, so mom showed up literally as I was getting out of the shower.  I hurried and we stopped at JYSK where I got Susan, my counsellor’s Christmas gift.  I can’t say what it is on here, but it wouldn’t be out in the Winter time, so I had to get it at the time of year.  I need to find a hiding spot for it too before she comes next…100_0006

Then we went to Metro and got some deli meats and home made buns and once Amanda and Nick came over we ate and had white cake that my mom got decorated for Grams.  Then Amanda left, and Nick went to his other grandparent’s, and my aunt Reta came over for a visit.  She brought Amanda a big tub of coconut oil bc it’s supposed to be amazing for your health.  It was nice to see her.

sleeping and yawning on mommy's purse

sleeping and yawning on mommy’s purse

When she left, we did too, since mom was taking Grams out for dinner.  We picked Amanda up on the way and they dropped us off at my place where I made me and my sis some chicken fried rice with onions, and red and green peppers.  Yummy.

jasjupMy counsellor threw her back out again so I couldn’t get up to put the down payment on my washer dryer.  I’m hoping there will be a day next week when mom can take me to do that.  I also have to go to the dentist to get some cavities filled.  They did a whole bunch of xrays, etc. to compare my teeth to how they were when I first started seeing them, and my teeth are a million times more healthy, but all my medicines, stomach problems, etc. are still wrecking havoc so I have to go in again.  BOO!

Amanda’s dear cat Jasper had to be put down too 😦  He was a Siamese Tabby and 14 years old.  He was a sweet, dear soul, and it broke Amanda’s heart bc he was her Soul Kitty.  Mom and I went with her to be with them both.  The vet was very reassuring and good to her and Jasper.  Nick was very upset, but thankfully they still have Jupiter their cute, kittenish orange tabby who’s been making sure they get lots of love.

Tomorrow we are all heading out to Trenton to visit our old neighbours of mom’s, Kelly & Glenn.  It will be nice to see them again 🙂

Take Care!