Happy Birthday and Canada Day

100_0001I don’t have any photos from my Gram’s 84th … yet, nor do I of Canada Day at all, bc we didn’t take any, except the kids in the pool lol.  Canada ended up being at mom and Grams.  We couldn’t BBQ bc we forgot the gas, but the food was all yummy regardless!  We had a fun time with the kids, and Emily had me power laughing.  It started to rain, so we all went home thinking the fireworks were a bust, but then at the last minute the rain stopped and they did have them.  I couldn’t see any from where I live, which is odd bc normally I can.  My friend Nicole even did me a video of them from Napanee so I could at least see those! LOL.

Today is my Grandma’s 84th birthday.  Susan’s last Social Service Worker student Alissa let me borrow this book about J C Dugard, who was kidnapped for years and actually got rescued.  My Grams really wanted to borrow it, but it wasn’t mine to give out, and I was giving it back to the girl asap bc she was almost done.  So that was what I got her for her birthday.  She’s already started reading it lol.

I had a rough start to the day, so mom showed up literally as I was getting out of the shower.  I hurried and we stopped at JYSK where I got Susan, my counsellor’s Christmas gift.  I can’t say what it is on here, but it wouldn’t be out in the Winter time, so I had to get it at the time of year.  I need to find a hiding spot for it too before she comes next…100_0006

Then we went to Metro and got some deli meats and home made buns and once Amanda and Nick came over we ate and had white cake that my mom got decorated for Grams.  Then Amanda left, and Nick went to his other grandparent’s, and my aunt Reta came over for a visit.  She brought Amanda a big tub of coconut oil bc it’s supposed to be amazing for your health.  It was nice to see her.

sleeping and yawning on mommy's purse

sleeping and yawning on mommy’s purse

When she left, we did too, since mom was taking Grams out for dinner.  We picked Amanda up on the way and they dropped us off at my place where I made me and my sis some chicken fried rice with onions, and red and green peppers.  Yummy.

jasjupMy counsellor threw her back out again so I couldn’t get up to put the down payment on my washer dryer.  I’m hoping there will be a day next week when mom can take me to do that.  I also have to go to the dentist to get some cavities filled.  They did a whole bunch of xrays, etc. to compare my teeth to how they were when I first started seeing them, and my teeth are a million times more healthy, but all my medicines, stomach problems, etc. are still wrecking havoc so I have to go in again.  BOO!

Amanda’s dear cat Jasper had to be put down too 😦  He was a Siamese Tabby and 14 years old.  He was a sweet, dear soul, and it broke Amanda’s heart bc he was her Soul Kitty.  Mom and I went with her to be with them both.  The vet was very reassuring and good to her and Jasper.  Nick was very upset, but thankfully they still have Jupiter their cute, kittenish orange tabby who’s been making sure they get lots of love.

Tomorrow we are all heading out to Trenton to visit our old neighbours of mom’s, Kelly & Glenn.  It will be nice to see them again 🙂

Take Care!


One thought on “Happy Birthday and Canada Day

  1. It’s so great that you were able to enjoy Canada Day with family and friends, despite the cranky weather. Haha, I love that your grandma is already reading the book you got her, such a good feeling 🙂 Mmm, your chicken fried rice sounds delicious!

    I’m so sorry about Jasper (looking at the photo, what a GORGEOUS boy). I’m glad your sis was able to feel somewhat relieved afterward, knowing that she did the right thing for him. It’s always the worst though. I hope Nick gets feeling better about it soon. Glad they have Jupiter, and that little girl who helped Nick so much when it happened.

    Take care, hope to chat soon!


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