100_0005I have tomatoes!  The one of my three tomato plants has little green tomatoes on it!  I’m so excited to see them finally 🙂  Not sure if you’ll be able to see them or not in the photo.

I went Wednesday and Thursday to the dentist.  My teeth look great, but my gums are swollen still and sore.  It’s very frustrating, that I do everything to make them healthy, and my stupid medicine and health just keeps on destroying them.  Had good laughs with my dentist and assistant who always get me giggling at some point w girl talk.

Today I did my Spring cleaning in the kitchen finally.  This heat has just drained me from wanting to do ANYthing except what needs to be done, so I keep putting it off.  Today being so beautiful out, I opened all the windows and got to work!  I got all the cupboards, walls, baseboards, etc. done and all I have left to do is clean behind the fridge and stove, do the sinks, and wipe down inside the drawers, since I just remembered I didn’t do that.  So nice to have it all clean 🙂

100_0007After dinner I got all the plants outside watered, and am now waiting on my medicine to be delivered.  I ordered it a few days ago to be delivered and they never showed up!  So I’ve been without my Crohn’s medicine for a few days.  I don’t tend to notice it thankfully if I do happen to miss it, but I will if I don’t get it soon!  Hopefully bc I called about  it, it will come in tonight.  Now I’m relaxing and watching The Godfather while I type with my babes beside me.  I tried getting a photo of him sleeping, but when I lifted my camera, he saw a flash of light from the sun and got crazy face on instead lol.

100_0004My mom has been sick.  My Grams made her go to the hospital today and she has a bad flu.  They gave her Gravol and IV’s, and told her just to rest it out.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon.

Speaking of sick… I thought I was coming down with a cold yesterday bc I sneezed a good twenty or more times after being at the dentists, and I don’t sneeze that much when I have a cold.  I think now, that it was from the freezing at the dentist bc it numbed my nose a bit.

My landlord is now working on my other side deck.  He ripped off all of the banisters yesterday and today him and my neighbour put my awning back up for me 🙂  I’m excited to see what it will all look like!

100_0003My mom’s birthday is this Tuesday, so I am hoping to get up to get her present this weekend.  My Grams is going to take me.  It will be impossible to wrap the gift, so I’m just going to put a bow on it and attach her card to it.  Will take photos then for you all to see.

As for this week coming up, I have no appointments until the Fall when I have my check up with the GI and my Neurologist.  That’s a nice feeling 🙂

Take Care!



One thought on “Tomatoes!

  1. Hooray tomatoes! They look great! I don’t have any of the sweetie ones yet, but I also have a total of three, mine are smaller than yours, but I think they’re beefsteak.
    It’s so great that you get along so well with your dentist and hygienist, that must make it so much nicer.

    Wow. You have been busy! I never seem to get to all of those things even on a yearly basis… making me think I probably should :p

    ❤ Crazy face. The yellow day lily is really pretty too!

    Sorry to hear about your mom, hopefully she slows down and rests. I hope you don't catch it. Glad to hear that your sickness and sneezing turned out to be a false alarm just like mine, lol! Twins!

    It's so great that you are appointment-free until the Fall, must be a relief.
    Talk soon!
    Take care!


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