Park Fun

100_0008I can’t wait for August.  On the 10th, there is going to be an anniversary sale at a local aquatics store in Napanee, and they are having Jungle Cat World come down for a show.  You bring a some animal food to be donated to the local SPCA, and a charity BBQ.  Nick, mom and I are going to go, and Nicole too.  It’ll be fun 🙂  I hope I have my new camera battery by then!  I will bring it to catch the odd photo anyway, and steal some that Nicole takes.

Grams and aunt Kelly are in Ireland!  Today they are having the burial for my Gramps.  They’ve been having fun though, seeing family from there and England who came to spend time with them.  They come back home Thursday I think.

100_0007Mom, Amanda, Nick and I had a picnic at a park near hear.  None of us had been there before, and it was in a beautiful area with lots of fun play structures for kids.  Nick picked a nice shady spot under a tree and we had lunch.  Then we all went up to the playground area and had some fun.

My Zinnias are finally blooming.  I’m proud of them bc they’re so cute, and I grew them from seed.  I’m trying to decide if they will come in with me over the Winter, or if I’ll just chuck em.

100_0011Today I am thoroughly exhausted.  It’s only 4pm and I’ve been wanting to go to bed since I got up lol.  I think I’ll attempt a nap if I can sleep through my landlord and Enzo working outside, and if my restless legs don’t drive me completely insane.

I still haven’t heard from Lowes about whether  or not I will be able to get a card.  I really hope so, or I’m screwed probably for the washer dryer.  Next month, I’ll be able to get my camera battery, a vacuum and my sister’s Christmas gift, I’ve been dying to get!  dgfhaI’m so excited for it!  I got my aunt Kelly her Christmas gift, but I found something little I’d like to add to it too.

Going to read a bit more of Tina Fey’s Bossypants book I borrowed from Nicole, then have a nap ’til dinner.

Take care!


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