Speeding Summer

I cannot believe we’re already into August.  Before we know it, it’ll be Fall then Winter!

zeuspurse 012I’m reading this book, The Immune System Recovery Guide, by Susan Blum.  She explains how autoimmune diseases are linked and how by making life style changes, like diet, etc. can help bring the inflammation down in your body thus making you a lot better sickness wise.  Since all my illnesses are autoimmune diseases, I am going to be doing the work she does with her own patients in her clinic, here at home.  Starting with going on a gluetin, corn and soy free diet for three weeks, and introducing each back in individually to see if that part of my diet could be making some of my symptoms worse.  Will be starting this at the beginning of Sept. when I do my next big grocery trip, and will be noting any changes on here.

The Wild Cat Jungle show is this Saturday.  Mom, Grams, Nick and I will be going, and meeting up with my friend Nicole and her bf Adam there 🙂  I’m excited to see them!  Yay!!!

zeuspurse 005Mom was able to fix my old original vacuum that worked better on the rug for cat hair than the newer one, which she couldn’t fix, so I now have a vacuum that works WELL and I didn’t have to spend more money on a new one.  I did get my sister’s Xmas present, a toy for Zeus, and my camera battery ordered, so I’m just waiting for those to come in.  I’m hoping the camera battery will be in by the show, if not at least by my brother’s wedding!!!

zeuspurse 002Today I was able to get a new colander since the one I have is huge and clunky, and hard to clean, and a new dish drying rack for the same reason, and got Zeus a new brush and a compressed catnip ball that he rubbed into and then flailed all over the ground over lol.

zeuspurse 007For Zeus’ weight, and for health, I’ve been giving him less kibble so that it runs out by around 8pm, and then I give him an 8th of a can of wet food (he won’t even eat that much) to have over night ’til breakfast.  Bc he’s older, it makes it easier for him to go to the bathroom, but getting him to eat the wet food is another story.  I’ve tried warming it, I’ve added tuna, salmon and even chicken broth to it to entice him, and even sprinkled his favourite catnip and it doesn’t help continuously!  He’s so damn stubborn!!!

Tomorrow I am going out to coffee with an old student of my counsellors, and next Thursday will be my sister’s 33rd birthday.  Dad is supposed to come up for lunch between now and then too, which will be nice bc I miss him.

Going to head out to finish watching a Dakota Fanning movie, Now Is Good, about a girl dying of cancer.  It’s actually really good so far!

Will write soon!



PS Grams and aunt Kelly are back from Ireland.  I was brought a beautiful mug, a picture frame w four leaf clovers on it, and a dish towel from Portugal.

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