Absolute Zzzz’s

zoo 054I am so thoroughly pooped I can’t sit up lol.  I don’t know why I’m so bloody exhausted.

Wed. I went out for coffee with Amy.  She was one of my counsellor’s students that worked with me.  Earlier in the year, she lent me her Prior Learning Assessment portfolio since I am trying to finish mine.  So we met up so I could give it back to her and catch up with each other.

zoo 008I got Zeus a green laser toy.  I actually read a lot of bad comments about it after I paid for it lol, but Zeus really likes it.  And it runs for 15 minutes, and automatically shuts off, which I like.  I also was able to find a compressed catnip ball for him, which he loved the night I gave it to him, and since hasn’t touched it at all!

zoo 027On Saturday we went to the BBQ and Live Wild Animal show in Napanee at Total Aquatics down town.  Nicole and Adam met us there.  It was a lot of fun, but if I go again, I must remember a chair bc there was no seating, and sun screen since I am now a nice lobster color!  We all went over to Nicole’s afterwards and Nick got to play with her three cats Skadi, Loki and Buster, and loved her dog Jenna.  He even got one of her grown cucumbers!  Zeus got spoiled again when she gave him one of those neat cat toys… can’t remember the name, but it’s little cardboard pieces that dangle off a piece of metal line and it flops all over the place.  He really likes it.

zoo 035On the way home, they stopped for me to drop off my med. card, and pick up Zeus’ laser toy when it came in, and got dropped off at home.  Today I went to Future Shop with Grams bc she needed to get a keyboard, and I wanted to get a wireless printer that was on sale.  I’ve wanted wireless bc I don’t have room for it in my bedroom with so little plugs, and I just wanted something cheap and easy, to print knitting patterns, coupons, etc.  Very happy to finally have one.

Now Zeus and I are being lazy and I need to make dinner.  Thinking just a ceasar salad since I just want to sleep, not eat.  I was given some Bee Balm from Nicole, and the poor things are still in the pot leaning against the house bc I haven’t had the energy to go out and plant it.

zoo 073Dad’s supposed to come up to visit some time this week for Amanda’s birthday.  She turns 33 on Thursday.  And mom goes back to work for the first time since being off sick tomorrow.  Hopefully it won’t be too much for her.

Gonna head out and eat then snooooze.




zoo 081PS  Also started a beginners Tai Chi.  I got surprisingly sore from it, and mildly dizzy from standing bc of Dysautonomia, but it was doable and I enjoyed it 🙂


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