Addy my mom's cat, sticking her tongue out

Addy my mom’s cat, sticking her tongue out

So I over did it and I crashed.  Literally for about 18 hours.  I should have expected it was going to happen bc I had been so tired, and yet I kept pushing myself.  I wasn’t doing a lot at once, but was doing something every day and BOOM my body decided that was enough.  So now I am on forced resting.  My crash day I think was Monday of this week, and I’m still exhausted!

moms 001Nicole and Adam were going to come get me Tuesday to spend the day at their house.  They were even willing to take me home that evening after dinner so I wouldn’t over do myself, but when I woke up Tuesday I knew there was no way I could go.  Nicole and I were trying to get a lazy day together just hanging out and watching movies, etc. before my big Crohn’s elimination diet starts at the beginning of September, but with the way my body is reacting, it doesn’t seem like that is likely to happen.

moms 002Yesterday was my sister’s 33rd birthday.  I called her opera style singing Back Street Boys to her, bc she loves it so much lol.  And we all came to mom’s including Carrie and Emily, and we got to celebrate with her.  Unfortunately the cake was rushed bc Amanda had to get to an appointment, but I was glad I at least got to see her for a bit.  I got her an M C Escher pop up book of his paintings.  She was having a hard time looking at everything with a sprained wrist, but she was in good spirits thankfully.  Mom got her a nice multi picture frame, with a bunch of photos of Amanda’s pets over the years.  Not all of them, but most, and two Dexter seasons 1 and 4 she didn’t have.  Good choices!

amanda33 008I was hoping dad would come up this week for her birthday, but I don’t think he is now bc he’s so busy at work.  I probably won’t see him until next weekend at my oldest brother’s wedding, and him and Lois have to leave right after for a trip, so they aren’t going to be at the reception, which sucks 😦  I tried on the skirt and shirt I am wearing to it, and thankfully it fits and matches, so I am good to go!

amanda33 009I am starting this little project, where I use mini bust photos of my family from my parents, and Lois down to the kids, and grand kids, etc. as a family tree, and putting it on my fridge.  I have tons of photos of everyone, but I can’t find far enough photos to fit in the little magnetic frames I have for it, or if I do, they’re too close to someone else for me to cut the other one out.  I am going to have to go through all of my facebook photos, and then through all my saved on disc pictures to find the ones I want.  Surely to God I should have them.  If I don’t, I am going to be harassing my immediate family members at Kirk’s wedding next weekend lol.

amanda33 007I think I have caught a cold.  It’s too soon to know for sure yet, but with this flip flopping weather I wouldn’t be surprised.  I feel drained out, stuffy and I have a constant tickle in my throat that drove me nuts last night in bed.

Going to go on the look out for more photos, but will write after the wedding next Saturday.



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